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Austria With El Cheap

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winger had warned me of a certain poster who now lives in Vienna. He told me this person had short arms and deep pockets. True to form this guy did  a Viennese waltz on me when it came to paying the bill at a restaurant he invited us to.


Firstly he asked where we were staying and then suggested we might have a lounge with free booze in our hotel. Talk about a forced invitation.


At dinner in his favourite restaurant he kept signalling the waitress as it cam time to pay the bill. As you can imagine the bill was put under my nose just as our friend went to see a friend at the bar.  


Live and learn.


He also told me that winger runs a large tab at his local pub and one night suckered others to pay the bill which he ordered that include his not so small tab for the previous 3 weeks. 


What a world we live in 



:mrgreen:  :-P  :twisted:

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