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http://www.thestar.com/article/1034700- ... y-thursday

Harper just gace the Libs in Ontario some great ad material as the video is now in Liberal hands.

I love it when Tories get as stupid and arrogant as the stupid Tcook052

From the blogosphere:

What happened? Well, I’m told that Hudak’s folks went ballistic after seeing Harper’s maladroit suggestion that cities, provinces and the entire country be run by the Conservative Party. If anything can sink Hudak’s party, it’s that.

Polling I’ve seen – and they’ve seen – makes crystal clear that Ontarians don’t want the same Con cabal running everything. They want some checks and balances in Canadian democracy.

Arrogant, pompous, dumb: Harper’s comments were all of those things.

And they may have just helped to sink Tim Hudak.

The video was put up again by someone; copied by the Lib war room for future use.

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