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Scammer caught with 5.6 million miles/points

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Dutch man accused of scamming millions of frequent flyer miles


Published: Today

BERLIN - German police say a Dutch man is under investigation for allegedly scamming airlines out of more than 5.6 million frequent flyer miles worth at least C134,000 ($190,000).

Frankfurt police said Wednesday that an airline employee noticed the 26-year-old, whose name was not divulged, had an unusually high number of bonus miles and alerted authorities.

Police say they found the man in possession of falsified boarding cards at Frankfurt airport after he arrived on a flight from Turkey on Tuesday. They say he had been using the fake cards to have airlines add flyer miles to his account.

They say it is not clear yet how many of the miles were redeemed but that the investigation is ongoing.

The man has been released on bail. The airlines were not identified.

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