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Which Credit Card?

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I'm in need of a new CC in order to separate some finances. For years I have used CIBC Aerogold Personal and the Business one. I have looked at different Amex offers over the years, got the Business one this past year for the 25,000 bonus points, used it for 11 months and cancelled it before the annual fee kicked in.

I'm currently SE, will fall to E March 01, 2010, the travel I have booked for Jan and Feb 2010 will requalify me for E 2011, in 2010 I may qualify for SE again but will not count on it.

My typical CC spend is approx $60,000 per year, this can spike up considerably if doing a building project, however Home Hardware does not accept Amex. I have a loyalty to Home Hardware that will not be broken to chase Amex at a different builder supply.

Having looked at the various Amex offerings, I see they offer perks that I already have with Air Canada Elite and Fairmont Platinum. The do offer 1.25 and 1.50x.

My historical redemptions have been Business Class awards on Air NZ, with some ill thought out NA J awards, and well thought short haul domestic awards on a very expensive route. The need for the short haul awards on the expensive awards is coming to an end shortly.

I see future award travel involving more J awards to NZ on NZ and possibly some Asian travel as well.

I would like to maintain AC Elite at a minimum, of course in the least expensive most comfortable way possible.

My thoughts are leading to be RBC Avion as I can purchase a revenue ticket that I can pay to upgrade the fare to an upgradeable comfy seat fare. This helps me maintain AC status inexpensively and fly comfortably. Should I see a Europe trip in my future I could convert to BA however I think I would be unlikely to do that as I will be wanting the status earning flights on AC.

My AP account will continue to accumulate, albeit at a slower pace, so I can get the occasional trip in J to NZ on NZ.

For the purpose of choosing a card for long term use, I'm ignoring the annual charge and sign up bonus offerings.

I recently purchased an annual medical, trip cancellation/interruption catchall plan from RBC for $136, so insurance offerings from various cards are not important, except for rental car coverage which all offer I believe.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Am I missing some offerings in other cards or Amex?

Fire away with questions to help choose the right card.

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I have some charts on Rewards Canada that can help you out, the first is a general comparison of benefits, rewards etc:


and this one compares travel anywhere cards like the Avion, TD Infinite etc and shows you how much you have to spend


Hope these help!

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