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VIA Préférence members can now redeem points on SNCF

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"VIA Rail Canada has announced an opportunity for VIA Préférence members to redeem points for free trips on SNCF, the French railway system. From Paris to Perpignan, from Brest to Nice, the extensive SNCF network—including travel on board the popular TGV—will be available.

"This new reward opportunity is an exclusive bonus for VIA Préférence members," says Steve Del Bosco, VIA’s Chief Customer Officer.

A first-class ticket on the SNCF network is redeemable for 4,000 points and a second-class is redeemable for 2,500 points. Each ticket is one-way and will allow one en route transfer. Reciprocally, members of SNCF’s Grand Voyageur reward program will enjoy a similar opportunity to cash in their S’Miles points for travel on VIA Rail Canada.

With the addition of the VIA e-boutique, VIA Préférence offers a new way for members to earn VIA Préférence points online when shopping at more than 75 retailers, including Apple, Avon, Canadian Tire, Indigo, Reitmans, Sephora and Sears.

The VIA Preference reward opportunity is the result of a partnership agreement signed in July, 2008, between VIA Rail Canada and SNCF International."

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