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Dear Clients

As you all know our maintenance last night did not go as planned and we ended up having a load more of downtime that we had hoped for.

The maintenance was done as part of our annual contract with our upstream providers.  The problem was our main trunk was broken and that disconnected us entirely from the internet.  It took them quite some time to replace the main component and configure it.

We are up now and have suspended all other work on our network.

We apologize for the major inconvenience this has caused you.  We well know how important this is to you.  We have never had a downtime this long on our network, it has been extremely reliable to the extent of 99.99% so this is not a common occurrence.

We will be providing 2 weeks service credit automatically on ALL accounts.  So this next month's bill will only be 50% of what you normally pay.  We would provide more but as this is a company wide credit on all accounts, we have to try to be fiscally responsible.

We apologize that we cannot answer all the support tickets personally, we have several thousand of them.  Instead.  If you still have any outstanding issues from this email forward, please email us and we will respond.  Our support techs are currently running through checks of all of our servers to make sure they're running properly so our response time may be delayed.

Thank you again for your understanding and as always we will do whatever it takes to fix problems from recurring.



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