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Downtime today

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support@imountain.com to me

2:42 PM (5 hours ago) Reply

Dear clients

We've had a RAID fault with our mysql.imountain.com cluster. If you are on this cluster, it is currently down.

We're moving our quickest to correct this RAID fault and have a 60 minute ETA.


Iron Mountain Hosting

support@imountain.com to me

3:20 PM (2 hours ago) Reply

Dear Clients

Data is currently being restored right now.

Your sites should start coming up. The data will be old on the first run. Do not be alarmed, your data will be refreshed with backups from this morning shortly thereafter.

We're moving along as quickly as possible...this is our top priority.

Normally, this wouldn't have happened and it's our first mySQL crash. Usually our database replicators would have limited this to

We will have full database replication clusters completed by this coming weekend and this will ensure this does not happen again.

We apologize again for the down-time and hope to have you back up again shortly.


Iron Mountain Hosting

All seems to be working fine now!

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