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  1. You all should take a peek at FT.There are some there that openly admit to brokering and setting up a system for cash. AC will need to find a way to close those loopholes.
  2. Will the government legislate back to work quickly should a strike happen?
  3. BGI vs AUA???? Have 3 u/gs done in next 2 days.Booked a trans-con today and both my e-upgrades cleared at time of booking
  4. Wings looked very good last night. Perhaps the Wings will be in Vancouver on Sunday for the game I hope to catch
  5. Twice in the last two weeks
  6. Agreed. As a Habs fan would say; Nah nah ,nah nah nah nah,hey hey hey, goodbye (Liberals) Lets start a "what will parnels new moniker/line be now? Liberals will be back,in 2050 lets start a annual parade of Liberal futility
  7. So Iggy gets tossed and Layton and new Liberal leader Rae get to form coalition government?
  8. Best way to sum up the antics of all parties in this election year
  9. If he cannot do worse,I would suggest Layton could not do better.A socialist as well.
  10. Imagine this? Harper wins minority and forms government and defeated in budget. Layton,being the number two federal party is asked to form the government. Prime Minister Jack Layton
  11. I cannot understand the rhetoric that goes on here between certain posters.Truly amazing and disheartening.
  12. Was recently on Porter.Very few empty seats as you note
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