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  1. 100,000miler, Your quote above makes it look like I was the one that said "Price-matching DOES NOT EQUAL price-fixing", when it actually was robshaw. Whatever it's called, there's no indication of competition when all the majors go up or down almost simultaineously to the exact fraction of a cent. Yesterday in my area of the GTA regular was $1.12.3/L. Last night CP24 said it would be up .4 cents today, and sure enough when we were out this afternoon, all the stations we drove by were $1.12.7. in a four block area, the PetroCan, Shell and Esso were all exactly the same price, as were others miles away. Didn't mean to take your thread about the car rental prices off topic, as I'm sure you know that this time of year is the highest of the high season time in Fla., other then the times around Easter and spring break. Better to keep checking the airline websites for discount codes for the rentals, as some come up with 25-30% discounts for certain classes and length of rental, and the AAA/CAA discount helps if you're a member. My rental example above was for September in FLL, which is the end of the shoulder season down there. bj-21.
  2. "...extremely little brand-loyalty; lowest-price wins, so they have to match quickly." What lowest price? They all go up at the same time. How come some politico in TO can tell the day before it happens, and it's usually reported on television, that the prices will be going up by 2.5 cents the following day in the GTA. And sure enough....! So how does that encourage brand loyalty or any reason to use one brand over the other? They're all the same price, so unless you choose convenience or happen to prefer a certain brand, there's no particular reason to choose one over the other. A few years ago, the spread between the different grades was 2.5/3 cents a litre. Now it's 6/8 cents difference per litre.Since no new refineries have been built in recent years and the refining process is basically the same as years ago, how do they explain the spread widening? Ever notice that fuel prices usually go up lots faster and in larger increments then when they come down? Yep, that's competition. bj-21.
  3. We've rented many times in the FLL area the past few years, and the one time I used the off-airport location the base rates for all the classes were the same as at the airport, just the lack of the airport surcharges made it a bit less. However, the choice of vehicles at the downtown location was extremely limited. While we waited for our mid-size car to be returned to the rental location (for over an hour) to get washed, fueled and checked out, the only other alternative that was offered to us was a gas hungry Pathfinder, which we didn't need or want. All the other rentals at the airport (Hertz) had plently of choices, and the discount codes that are available brought the prices down somewhat, although if you're in the high season for Fla., don't expect much choices or discounts. I've usually been able to find good discount codes from the airline's websites, and been able to compare rates among many of the rental companies to find the lowest. Also last year I was able to use the AAA/CAA discounts added to Hertz's own dicount promo at the time to drop their base rate from $38/day to $17/day for the same car at FLL, but that may have been a fluke. Than you add in the $27.99 per day LDW and Talk about lack of competitiveness? How about the gas prices in the GTA!!! All the majors go up or down at the same times and exactly the same prices to the tenth of a cent for all their stations. What happened to competition, and those "gas wars" of years ago? BTW, gas in the GTA is going up on Tuesday to $1.13 /L from $1.10.9. Glad I filled up this afternoon. bj-21.
  4. Email today from AMEX Canada. Transfer MR points to your CO Onepass account and receive a 30% bunus on the transfer until March 31. Better then the usual 1 MR= 0.75 OP regular rate. Now if CO would just put a few mainline jets on the YYZ-IAH flights as they had in the past rather then the ERJ's, it might make it more attractive. bj-21.
  5. Checking my wife's AM's balance tonight, the home page has a message that there are changes to the AM points needed for flights. Clicking through, the message says that they haven't raised the points needed for five years or so, and from Feb. 12, 2010, their point charts have changed (read increased), but any flights booked before that date will still come under the current rates. Noticed too that on the bottom of our last Metro receipt, that it's now 160 AM's for a $20 Metro coupon, versus 140 AM's previously, so some rewards have already changed. Don't remember getting an email from them about this or seeing it here or on FT. I posted a similar thread on FT's WestJet forum tonight. So if you're planning on using AM's to book flights, try to do so prior to Feb. 12. bj-21.
  6. Glad to hear the first part of your road to recovery is over and you're on your way to getting back into the air again. Stay with the game plan they've outlined for you. Best wishes, and hang in there!! bj-21.
  7. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a fast exit from your 10th floor hotel room. Bet you'll find the airline meals almost gourmet after the hospital chow. bj-21.
  8. Thanks to superdawg for informing me last week that I had won one of the awards from his part of the Hyatt contest. It will be put to good use as part of a longer stay at a Hyatt. Thank you Patrick. bj-21.
  9. The Colgan president said today that there was also another Colgan pilot on the manifest, non-reving. Condolences to the famillies and friends of all who perished on the flight and on the ground. Question for those who might know: Deicing boots on the wings (someone said today that the boots are an outmoded way of deicing aircraft), but are there also any deicing devices on the tail surfaces of these or any other T-tailed aircraft? Sudden loss of pitch might have also been caused by heavy icing on the horizontal stabilizer. Speculation from many at this point, but reported icing seems to be a contributing factor, as in the ATR-72 incident, which caused the ATRs to be prohibited from flying to northern airports in winter. Don't know if that restriction was ever removed for them, or if the icing problem was corrected. bj-21.
  10. Photo of the the aircraft at LCY shows a four engined jet. Appears to be a BAe-146. bj-21.
  11. CO is running a promotion for the US Helicopter flights to Manhatten from EWR. Free for connecting from their business class tix, and $45 for some (not all) other class connections. Link is from the CO homepage. Usually priced at $159, so not a bad fare for a quick eight minute flight, plus it gets 500 OP miles. bj-21.
  12. All three NYC airports have ATC delays that build as it gets into the afternoon, even without WX delays. Last time out of EWR, we had probably 20/25 aircraft ahead of us as we turned onto the taxiway that parallels runway 4/22, and flying into EWR from YYZ for the connection, we had to circle over the Hudson River valley a few times because of congestion on the approach. Inbound to Manhatten, the BQE may be a bit faster to midtown from LGA then a car from EWR, but it's six'a one and half a dozen of the other depending on time of day and the usual tieups. bj-21.
  13. Depending on what time of day you land, LGA may be a bit faster, as you're headed more to the east side of Manhatten, and the crosstown traffic to get from the tunnel across can be really slow. If you're coming in during the rush hours, give yourself lots of extra time to get where you're going, regardless of which airport you come in to. If you land at EWR, you may want to consider the trains from the airport to either Penn Station, or the Path train to 14th, then a cab to your destination from either train. Another possibility from EWR is the chopper service to midtown with a cab to your destination. bj-21.
  14. I got a very close look at the approach lights on that one, as well as the threshhold paint at the end of 7L runway. We were using 25R, and it seemed when we when passed V1 and the nose was pulled up, the aircraft really struggled to lift the main gear off. First thing I thought of was the "high sink rate" attributed to the -27's. bj-21.
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