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  1. imverge

    Montreal W Hotel anyone have comments?

    Toronto has my vote... we need one!!
  2. Now that Montreal has Canada's first W Hotel has anyone actually stayed there and can you comment? Also which Canadian City do you feel should get the next W HOTEL?
  3. I used Destina.ca to book a 4 night hotel stay in Rio back in December. I booked with them to secure 200 Aeroplan miles they offer for hotel bookings... BIG MISTAKE!!! Upon check-in I was assigned a room with a broken A/C. I called the front desk and asked to be moved to another room. I was told there was no other rooms avail. I asked to have someone come and fix the A/C as it was 30 degrees outside and hotter inside than out! To make a long story short the hotel out-sourced it's maintanence and could not give me an exact time frame as to when it would be fixed. I waited until the next morning after a very sticky and uncomfortable night. I inquired about the repair and was told that they had no update on the A/C being fixed. I immediatley called Destina.ca at my cost since they have no toll free number from Brazil. I spoke to "Mary" located in India who informed me that they were not able to assist me at this time, since they had just changed systems and that they were not able to access reservations made prior to the system change until Jan 2. As that would be when they will intergrate both systems. UNBELIEVABLE!!! I check-out of my hotel and found another with working A/C. Upon my arrival back in Canada and opening my Visa statement the hotel had pre-charged my credit card the entire 4 night stay!!! They had charged my card for all 4 night's one week prior to my arrival. (By the time my TD VIsa statement had been sent out I had already arrived in Rio) When I checked out the final bill I obtained from hotel clearly did not reflect the four nights that were charged. NO WHERE IN MY DESTINA.CA PRINT OUT OF TERMS & CONDITIONS DID IT SAY A FULL PRE-PAYMENT WAS REQUIRED!! When I contacted Destina.ca and pointed out that the hotel had billed me prior to my arrival they told me that I should contact the hotel directly and deal with them. I responded by stating that I was their client and they should look after me! (I am sure Destina got paid their booking fee) I was promised a supervisor would be calling me back, never happened! Called once again spoke to "Dave" located in India and told me an email would be sent within 24 hours, never happened! Called and spoke to "Brian" a supervisor also located in India and was told another supervisor would look into the situation and contact me back... NEVER HAPPENED! I am fed up with having to deal with their call centre in India as they have failed me time and time again. When I called again and asked if the person I was speaking to was located in India they avoided the question and even lied that they were in Montreal! So I asked for the address in Montreal they reported to work and they could not answer! The person eventually told me that they were instructed never to reveal that they were located in India. I did contact hotel and they told me a full pre-payment was in effect (this after I faxed a copy of my Destina.ca reservation that stated no such thing) they told me mistake is on Destina.ca website and no refund would be forth-coming! I have since given up on Destina.ca and have contacted TD VISA to assist me. Does anyone else have a similar experience with Destina.ca? I should add that I feel ever since the call centre was moved to India the service standards have declined...
  4. imverge

    Hilton Family Hotels IN Canada

    I have stayed in several Hilton's in Canada... I was a Diamond HH member and it was my horrible stays at The Montreal Hilton that had me staying at The Sheraton and Marriott! The absolute worse Hilton is The Montreal Hilton Bonaventure located downtown. In fact I consider it one of the worse in the entire chain! The staff are nice enought but the hotel is in need of a much long over-due renovation. The walls are made of exposed contrete, rooms are very poorly lit and the furniture is old and very out-dated. The beds are not comfortable at all and the sheets caused me to have a rash and skin burns everytime I moved my legs! Water pressure is very bad and the bathrooms are horrible. The executive lounge is poorly stocked and not maintained throughout the day. Room service is very slow and the selection very limited to "fast food" quality. I stayed in a suite the two times I was there and this is what I encountered. I can image a regular room. Now the Hilton in Toronto is a different story... rooms are very large and modern. The bathrooms looks like something out of a magazine. Fantastic indoor and outdoor pool open all year round. The lounge on the top floor with large TV and various newspapers and magazines. The view is breathtaking and the staff are excellent. Avoid Montreal Hilton whenever possible!
  5. I signed up for JetsGo Jetmiles and have a long way to go for a free flight. I only use JetsGo when I am able to get a really cheap fare. Example I paid $1 going and $89 coming back Toronto>Edmonton. That was an amazing deal so I could justify not using Air Canada. What I was wondering was if anyone has actually or tried to book a free flight using JetsMiles and if so what was your experience? Thanks...
  6. Hello everyone... When I first posted this matter I never felt it would snowball into this. I am sorry. Some of you feel that I was wrong in posting a PM. I think it was called "internet kiss and tell". I am sorry but I did not disclose any "personal information" such as account numbers... that sort of thing. I should also mention that I received many many RUDE PM's from other FT members. Some used very bad language that I would not repeat here... I selected Randy's PM to use in this forum because of all the PM's I got his did not use swear words or threats. Yes threats!! To that end... I am sorry if I offened anyone and please let's move on... thanks...
  7. CF members here is my last response to "RANDY" over at FT he is pissed that I mentioned the new CT forum on FT... Please add your comments... imverge wrote: I don't remember ever mentioning any criticsm of FT. If I have please point it out... I can assure you that you will not find any because it does not exist... You make mention that you have an interest not an issue... well then why are you making it just that... an issue. You mention the word party. Are you throwing the party? Are you the host? I didn't think so... as I am not holding out for an invitation anytime soon. A forum is a place where people come together and exchange information and experiences. I did just that, exchanged information about a resource site canflyer.com and other members, who see fit will make their own minds as to either persue that information or not... Now you also mention the word manners. It is your opinion that I lack them. You are free believe just that. I think you are trying to surpress my rights... I think in The USA you call it.. "Freedom of Speech" Randy... I call that arrogance. Also I do not question the importance of the AC forum on FT. But just like any other source of info with many media and corporate outlets on the internet today many have designated country sites. They are set up to address the needs relating to "local" issues... Since FT does not offer this. In my opinion I felt it "info/news" worthy to share the CF forum with other interested parties. I do not need to justify that to you or anyone else.. Can I ask you... why do you feel so threatened? Do you have shares in FT? I hope this helps you sleep at night... Randy Peterson wrote: [private mail delted by admin] imverge wrote: I felt the posting of the site would help other Canadians on FF access to info that is more directed at them and their issues. I may not have many postings but I do not see your point in even mentioning that... does that make my opinion or comments any less than someone who has more... I don't think so. But that may be your opinion and you are intitled to that. Correct me if I am wrong but a FORUM is place where people come together and share information. I was doing just that... Hope that helps answer your "issue" Have a nice day.
  8. imverge

    A NEW THREAD removed in the blink of an eye

    I posted the thread... and I got a nasty PM from Randy. Basically asking me why? My response was I believed the info. I passed along was information that was beneficial to FT forum members... And that they could decide for on their own to check it out and register if they well please... I also asked him who made him the authority at FT? Maybe he is a major share-holder of FT????? Either way... he is pissed...
  9. imverge


    My post on Starwood is still there but not on Aeroplan... I am sure not for long...
  10. imverge


    Yes I had a post on FT just to let other interested parties know of canflyer. You would not believe the "HATE" PM's I got... Like who do you think you are? or Why would you post something like that? I don't know about you but a FORUM is where people come together and share info and experiences. I checked Canflyer out registered and figured other's would like and possibly benefit. I also know that people can make up their own mind and register or not... So many HATER's out there!!! WOW...
  11. imverge

    AmEx Aeroplan Plus Renewal Bonus

    Only 1000 points. That is pretty cheap. RBC Visa gives you 2500 points! I have always found Amex to be very tight with giving away anything. I think I will cancel my Amex upon renew date and get Aerogold from CIBC that comes with 5000 welcome points. Then next year I'll switch back to Amex and get a further welcome bonus... I find if you call Amex and tell them you will cancel unless they match a reasonable offer they usually give in but it is like pulling teeth!
  12. imverge


    AAA 1000 bonus what is that? An auto association of some sort? Did you apply over the phone or over internet? Or did you get an invitation from AAA to apply for card?
  13. imverge


    Actually MBNA's website is very poor. Not very user or customer friendly for ALL card-holders. Maybe it is just me but if you want to compete with the big players of loyalty cards (CIBC AEROVISA, BMO WEST-JET, AMEX AEROPLUS) then you got to have your act together in all respects from marketing to customer friendly on-line access. This card is targeted to people who travel and as such rely on internet access to info 24/7 no matter where they are... Everytime I call I will bring up this issue and I hope you all do the same. Maybe if we make enough noise they will hear us!! But I am happy to put up with the growing pains FOR NOW.. As I am happy to Finally have a SPG card in Canada.
  14. imverge


    I have not gotten my first statement as of yet but I did charge a pre-paid stay in London next month which should be reflected on my first statement. I hope I will not have to call to get my 5K first purchase bonus. Also I will try and get my first stay bonus added as-well with the pre-charge of my London stay. From the sounds of things on this forum they are getting better as time goes by. I really hope they come up with some bonus promos to entice further stays at Starwood such as triple points or stay five nights and get a weekend night free similar to what AMEX SPG offers their card members in USA... Let's hope Cross your fingers...
  15. Here is a sneek peak of the much needed AC Maple Leaf Lounge that will open in a few weeks. This is welcome news as most of us travelling in and out or through YYZ know the lounge is located in the main Terminal T1 which means you have to take a bus to the in-field terminal. That might not sound too difficult but consider if you find out your flight is delayed upon arriving at the gate you no longer have a lounge to access... unless you get back on the bus and head back to the main T1 terminal... YIKES. This new lounge will now allow travellers to enjoy the lounge up until the very last moment prior to boarding. As it will be a short walk to the gates and no longer a bus ride which is about 7 minutes or longer!! Here is the link to view pictures of the NEW AC lounge... http://www.achorizons.ca/en/issues/2005 ... lounge.htm Am I the only one happy about this? Comments?