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  1. Hi all, I do not know where to post this info but I can not access flyertalk website for three days. I do not know what happened to this website. I am currently in China and I asked my friend in Canada to try opening the website and they can open it without any issue. Anyone having any comment? Or anyone knowing this issue? Thanks, ctdjcd
  2. Never encountered such issue before. acysb87's itinerary is AC flight(UA metal). This can not be processed. Only if you have UA flight # with UA metal, CR1 can be used.
  3. Yes. I can use the CR1 to upgrade you to first class. You can send me the PNR and last name of the passenger through personal message.
  4. It is United Airline confirmed regional upgrade!
  5. Offer two free United CR1 that will expire in Aug 31 09. Send me PNR and last name.
  6. You are welcome! Anybody else who want to travel in first class with United? Just let me know.
  7. I decided to gift two of my expiring CR1s to the cummunity. If you feel grateful and you happen to have something you will not use, we can reach a deal.
  8. Hi, I have a couple of United Confirmed Regional upgrade that will be expiring in the end of Aug. I do not have itinerary in this month. So I would like to exchange them with anybody who have the future expiring CR1. Pls. send me message if you have suggestions. Thanks, Tony
  9. Yes. For many OW partner airline, only the high end fare can get you miles. So, in this case, you can earn mile with Cathay Aisa miles. You can not earn miles with AA. That is the problem with OW partnership. I saw the same problem with Skyteam. *A is the best on this. However, *A is not good in earning status bonus mile since if you are UA elite memeber, you can only earn bonu miles if you fly with United. In OW or Skyteam, you can earn bonus miles when you fly with any partner airline.
  10. The update news is that MU and FM has partnered in FF program. FM member now can earn miles by flying with MU flight and vice versa. I hope they can merge the mileage together since I have a small number of both FM and MU mile. Regarding the two airlines, MU has better aircraft but FM has better service. So depending on what you want most, you can choose between them. MU has bad reputation on service, especially on the handling of the dealyed flight.
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