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  1. Traitor and troll are better descriptors, Parnel ! Let's stop beating around the bush !
  2. Lev, it is the raison d'être of this board, has been since like forever ! This and Parnels scintillating pontifications on all things AC !
  3. Really ? Anything to back any of the above up? BTW, how much are you paying the moderators on FT ?
  4. So how much are they paying you, or better yet how much are you paying FT to allow you to troll again ! Suck hole, traitor !
  5. Speaking of classy Parnel, I never really despised you for being a troll, but you have become this turncoat, sell-out, suck hole ! How much are you being paid ?
  6. And this matters, LOL ! Have you had a change of heart over at censor central ? What deal did you strike, loose-goose ? Sell-out !
  7. Q Shoe Guy

    Lounge Ping

    All of these Bulletin Boards have seen their day ! And those days have come and gone ! The latest manipulation on FT follows the boards owners M.O. If things get too heated they will just shut it down to discussion, period. They pretty much have already done that with the new posting rules for the thread in question. Who cares that the lurkers are "talking" to the minions again, there is little utility in one way Q&A. They have already called their customers names, blamed "certain" posters and a former "mod" for their disappearance. I believe this latest initiative was ill thought out ! Let us face the facts, AC has never been stellar at marketing, and having the 2 Ben's beat-up on their customers and their customers beat-up on them is certainly not a great way to go about it !
  8. Too bad it is AE miles , I find better use for my DL Skypesos !
  9. I am quite happy with my BA points, but then again I hold status with them ! Great redemptions for inside Japan on short notice which I often need !
  10. Well if you won't be using them, why not offer them up for trade or something ?
  11. Really at the end of the day it doesn't matter anymore, does it ! Move on !
  12. Wow, I wonder if this is first time I signed in here after the discombobulation ???? Well glad to see you made it out alive.....hope it was with a certain amount of flair !
  13. http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2 ... tuary.html
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