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  1. Received my new Elite package yesterday; included the usual new card, luggage tags, guest passes (paper) and no info on how to use my eCredits...surprise!! Had to surfed the AC site to find the upgrade request page and login to view current credits. At least it was accurate to what has been communicated for my account. As others have indicated, will be interesting when I go to redeem them.....
  2. apg28


    What is a 'reasonable' time for housekeeping to knock on your door in the morning? Recently stayed at a Westin in the US, and housekeeping knocked at 830am...seems a little early to me....anyone else think so too?
  3. Check out this Globe and Mail article "Robert Milton pay doubles to $14.7-million" http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-in ... vice=email. Brent Jang Transportation Reporter Globe and Mail Update Published on Wednesday, Jun. 09, 2010 7:06PM EDT Last updated on Wednesday, Jun. 09, 2010 7:09PM EDT Union leaders for Air Canada’s pilots and flight attendants say Robert Milton’s pay package has left employees in a foul mood, jeopardizing recent improvements in labour relations. Mr. Milton, chairman and chief executive officer of ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. (ACE.B-T7.80-0.20-2.50%), saw his compensation more than double to $14.7-million last year. From 2005 through 2009, his remuneration exceeded $82.7-million at ACE. ACE is a holding company that until recently was the controlling shareholder in Air Canada. It sharply cut its stake in the airline last year, but still owns 27 per cent. “If you’re asking employees to tighten their belts at the same time as these obscene payouts, then that is not leading by example and does not motivate us or make us feel very good,” said Captain Paul Strachan, president of the Air Canada Pilots Association. Mr. Milton’s pay packet last year included $7.6-million in severance and other payouts, though he declined to take it in cash, choosing instead to acquire and retain 784,350 ACE shares. In 2009, he also received $5-million in “incentive awards” related to the process of winding down ACE, almost $1.3-million for “the credit or early vesting of additional years of pensionable service,” $504,167 in salary and $157,500 in “standby consulting fees.” Mr. Milton, who ran Air Canada from 1999 to 2004, could not be reached for comment Wednesday. But his supporters have emphasized that the veteran airline executive unlocked billions of dollars in “hidden value” at Air Canada, partly through the spinoff of assets such as Groupe Aeroplan Inc., the loyalty company. They also point out that he spearheaded ACE’s participation in a financial rescue package of the carrier last summer, when the airline appeared to be headed towards a cash crunch. “I was the head of this company, and billions of dollars were made, and billions of dollars were invested … in the form of aircraft. A lot of things happened because of what we did at ACE, and they stand in stark contrast with what’s happened at, really, all other airlines in North America,” Mr. Milton said last year in an interview with The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business Magazine. Mr. Strachan said Air Canada’s labour climate has been gradually improving, helped by a deal that allowed five unions to hold a total of 17.6 million Air Canada shares, or a 6.3-per-cent stake, effective last October. But he said Mr. Milton’s compensation erodes union leaders’ efforts to convince employees that they’re making a difference with wage sacrifices and productivity concessions. ACE, created in 2004 after Air Canada emerged from bankruptcy protection, later spun off or sold a number of businesses, including Aeroplan and regional carrier Jazz Air. It sold a 25-per-cent stake in Air Canada during the carrier’s initial public offering in 2006. “The creation of ACE is still a very sensitive topic with the union membership,” said Katherine Thompson, president of the Air Canada component of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represents flight attendants. “It was our concessions that made the renewal of Air Canada possible in 2004. But the airline was broken into pieces and sold off.” ACE now has 32.5 million shares outstanding, or a stock market value of $253-million.
  4. Does anyone know if joining the "Parker" program, negates the Aeroplan points I usually collect every time I park? Or can I double dip and collect with both?
  5. With more awards than any other winner, Air Canada was the big champion this year, and the airline was out in full force to collect its four awards, including Best North American Airline for International Travel and Best In-Flight Services in North America. But it was Singapore Airlines who made the comeback of the year to reclaim the top honor of Best Overall Airline in the World. Click the link below for a full list of the awards and winners. http://www.btusonline.com/newsletter.php?id=159
  6. apg28

    Sky Auction?

    Has anyone used/purchased anything on Sky Auction? If so, how did it work and was it worth it (savings?)?
  7. Toronto — Globe and Mail Update Published on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009 6:45AM EST Last updated on Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2009 7:49AM EST Bank of Montreal (BMO-T53.55-0.32-0.59%) is buying the Diners Club North American franchise from Citigroup (C-N4.280.081.90%) , an acquisition that will double the size of the Canadian bank's corporate credit card business. A purchase price for the deal was not disclosed, suggesting that the cost is not material to BMO, but the bank said the agreement represents net credit card receivables of nearly $1-billion (U.S.). “This acquisition will immediately enhance our competitive position by placing us among the top commercial card issuers in North America,” Frank Techar, the head of BMO's personal and commercial banking business, said in a press release. The deal gives BMO exclusive rights to issue Diners cards in the U.S. and Canada. Citigroup said the sale, which should close by the end of March, is not expected to have a material impact on its profit or capital ratios. BMO said the Diners Club card business fits well with its existing commercial card business, adding that commercial cards are one of the fastest growing segments in the credit card business. That should continue if business travel rebounds as expected in the next two years. Tuesday, BMO was the first bank out of the gate with its fourth-quarter profit. It earned $647-million, up $87-million or 16 per cent from a year ago.
  8. Air Canada Flight 7435 made an emergency landing Wednesday at Burlington International Airport after experiencing engine failure during a flight from Hartford, Conn to Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport in Dorval. Rick Varney, operations manager at Burlington International, said BTV’s tower was alerted at 5:10 p.m. that the plane would need to make an emergency landing. The plane carried about 2,000 pounds of fuel and was leaking oil after the landing. The declared “Phase 5” emergency call drew first-responder crews to the airport to await the landing of the Air Canada 19 seat turboprop plane. The Beechcraft 1900D landed safely with only the right turboprop spinning. All passengers were escorted off the plane and onto shuttle buses. Lisa Roellig of Simsbury, Conn., was among the 14 passengers on board. “I was sitting in a seat on the left side next to the propeller, and it just stopped going,” Roellig said. “Then the pilot came on the intercom, saying we’re having a problem with the left engine. They were totally in control; we were fine. Then we landed at the airport. The crew as very calm. It was amazing.”
  9. Thanks exAC...never noticed that either; for me since 2003, 126 stays, 181 nights...love the SPG program!
  10. holographic one with its "super high tech" metal sleeve for the RFID
  11. I just used mine via YYZ on my way to ATL on Monday July 21....was not confiscated and no indication of anything different. Status quo...
  12. Thanks to everyone for your insight and past experiences.....if I need more details I will PM those who offered.... Cheers, A.
  13. Hello fellow Canflyers....from what I can gather from the your postings a number of you go overseas to Europe and Asia for work. I hope some of you might be able to shed some light from your experiences or know where information resources are in the public forum to help me with my question. Currently I head up our North American Sales & Marketing group but I have an potential opportunity within my organization to head up our expansion into the European marketplace (starting with the UK). Exciting news for me and my org! What I am interested hear and find out, is to be prepared to negotiate my compensation package for such a promotion and would ask if any of you could share your knowledge on standard inclusions or potential options to be included in my request(s) to my employer? I will leave to you to if you would like to PM with me or leave your comments for all to see on this topic. Thanks folks!
  14. Has anyone had an experience of using this service yet???
  15. Register now to earn up to triple flown miles towards elite status for every Northwest and Delta flight you purchase and fly between March 23 and June 15, 2009. KLM trans-Atlantic and India flights are also eligible for this offer. Registration is required prior to travel. Don't miss out on the fastest track to Elite status and privileges. Get full details and register at www.nwa.com/offers/triple.
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