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  1. This is sad news for me Just did a search and found out that the last flight will be on the 27th of March. We are sorry to tell you that we have regrettably taken the decision to suspend our seven daily flights between London Heathrow and Glasgow from 27 March 2011. The recently announced increases by BAA in domestic passenger charges at London Heathrow by more than 50% effective 1 April 2011, will make the already loss making route between London Heathrow and Glasgow unsustainable for us.
  2. Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought that a Tango Plus ( with SWU Cert ) also allowed upgrades at time of booking too?
  3. Well after just pricing an upcoming trip over the pond, it appears that I can buy a Tango PLUS ( M class ) seat for cheaper than using 2 flight pass certs. If I used 2 of the flight certs ( at new price ) it would cost me $2,662.00 If I was to purchase a Tango PLUS ticket instead, it would be $2,541.06 ( $1,981 + $559.08 taxes ) Disappointed, with the very large increase in Pass prices Wondering how many people will continue to buy the London Pass or still find it a good value product ?
  4. Has anybody heard of any upcoming changes in the past month? My London Pass has gone from $6,248 to $7,986 now. WOW, a huge increase of $1,738. I knew the Pass was going to go up but not by that much. Not sure I will buy one this time.
  5. nobody-elite

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    Monday, April 26th YVR ... ( Domestic ... 7:30 -- 8:30 AM ) YYZ ... ( International ... 5:30 -- 7:45 PM ) Will any of you be in the MLL during my visit there?
  6. Anybody on this forum scheduled to fly to the UK next Monday? ( April.26th) I'm hoping to fly YVR -- YYZ -- LHR. The way things are looking with the volcanic issues ... this is not a certainty at all.
  7. I know I am probably one of very few ... who can not tolerate curry spicing in food. I get an extreme and almost immediate reaction to it. Each time it happens, my system tolerates it even less. In the past year travelling between YVR -- LHR, I have encountered curry on several items you would not expect to find curry spicing. Those little finger sandwiches on the LHR -- YYZ segment. There is a curry type paste/spread in with the sliced cold meat on one little triangle. I ate that and ended up in hospital upon arrival in YYZ. I was taken by ambulance from YYZ airport to hospital and kept in overnight and morning of next day. Emergency Dr gave me 2 IVs and said it was food poisoning. I was the only one on the flight who got sick, so not sure how it can be poisoning... but it did make me extremely ill. It had to be the food on the plane, as I hadn't eaten anywhere else other than a friend's home and nobody else in that home was ill. Also, it happens only when I eat curry in food. Now, I use to be able to eat those little AC finger sandwiches fine ( and enjoyed them )... it has just been in the past year. Another time, I ordered my favourite salmon, it had a curry spread/ topping on it. One tiny bite and knew it was a no go. The salmon never use to have this curry topping on it ? I think there must have been a chef who fancied curry in his recipes. Last trip I ordered a fruit plate in order to avoid any problems. Ate a lovely salad in the MLL and was fine. Still, I long for the old AC meals where we use to get foods that were tastier and without all the fancy sauces. A nice steak/ baked potatoe and salad would suit me fine... I really liked the scones when those were served ( normal sized )... those baby ones were odd. Travelling in the J cabin is wonderful because of the new pods which are great for sleeping. I love the extra leg room and comfort up front but the food is definitely a disappointment.
  8. The cost of purchasing a London Pass has really gone up. I bought my last one for $ 6248.00 .... the new price is now $ 7,746.00 That is a very hefty increase.
  9. Being Sunday, I was hoping that my final flights of 2009 would have shown up on aeroplan today... but they haven't Two segments were completed last Tuesday, Dec. 29th. ( LHR--YYZ--YVR ) Anybody else still waiting for their final mileage of 2009 to appear in aeroplan? ** Congrats 100,000miler on maintaining super-elite
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    AC YYZ international lounge .... Tuesday, Nov. 24 ... 5:00 PM until 7:30 PM
  11. As an old song from the past says... " Those were the days my friend " Travelling up front was such an experience and classy. Perhaps my age plays a great deal into this sentiment but I did feel truly pampered in those earlier days.
  12. Double miles to LHR is only if you purchase an executive fare ... ( Offer is valid for bookings made with the following Executive First® fare types: Executive Flexible and Executive Lowest. ) If you are using a London Pass or buy an upgradeable fare to get into executive class you won't get the double miles unless you are going to Geneva. Europe (Geneva) .... Offer is valid for bookings made with the following Economy Class fare types: Latitude, Tango Plus and Tango.
  13. WOW ... did anybody else watch tonight's Fifth Estate program ? http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/2009-2010/riding_on_risk/ I'm not sure if it is going to be televised again on another day this week. It was very interesting.
  14. Thanks Braindrain for this clarification. I thought that they might have to show a GOLD card or does that only apply to those who have upgraded to executive class? I usually buy the London Pass and upgrade at time of booking. Even though my boarding pass shows I am now sitting in Executive class, I still have to pull out my Elite card when entering the lounge. If I didn't have my card on me, would they still let me enter the MLL?
  15. Does somebody who has been gifted an AC business class reward ticket ... get MLL entrance since they are flying in Executive class? Should point out that the individual does not have status to get into MLL on their own and will not be flying with a FF who does have status. thanks
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