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  1. YEGDeliveryMan

    Anyone here also on the AC forum

    at milepoint.com? Wondering
  2. YEGDeliveryMan

    Calin is coming to YYC

    How would he know. he is too busy massaging his own ego, patting himself on the back, kissing ass (his and many others) and telling the world just how great he is and how ie has AC in the palm of his hand. No wonder he had to beg an invite
  3. YEGDeliveryMan

    New RAPIDAIR stand-by policy/bonus AE miles

    Why post on an IBB when one has the telephone number of the guy in-charge (again) of the Rapidair product? So the true colors of this board come out. you kids do not care to help any FF - you want to be self-serving. This is evident in you and Parnies attitudes.
  4. YEGDeliveryMan

    New RAPIDAIR stand-by policy/bonus AE miles

    You mean he senior board where AC actually reads and assists? For newcomers here - the Senior Board is www.flyertalk.com and the AC forum is http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/air-canada-aeroplan-375/
  5. YEGDeliveryMan

    End of Summer GTA/YYZ Do in September

    Not if u guys show up!
  6. YEGDeliveryMan

    AC discount for FF on CF

    U should change the title - you are stealing from FT - these are posted on FT not on CF -- loser!
  7. YEGDeliveryMan

    July patio "DO"

    Why not cut to the chase and have it in parnholes pewl!!!
  8. YEGDeliveryMan

    Zorn again

    Good thing have not had dinner yet - no need to puke my meal up!
  9. YEGDeliveryMan

    AC discount for FF on CF

    Naw he meant he stole it from FT lol ... all the good news is there!!! ROFL!!!
  10. Ayup - all the news that is fit to print is on FT - where was the great Parnel with this information - I thought he was in bed with AC
  11. YEGDeliveryMan

    AMEX Platinum card and Aeroplan promo

    Great photo of mini-ParnHole.... speaking of holes I did not know that ParnHole had his own wikipedia entry!!! http://xrl.us/bmnwm
  12. YEGDeliveryMan

    Database Corruption

    Ah the fat man loves me after all!
  13. YEGDeliveryMan

    AC/LH CNX in MUC

    The FCO CNX is 45 minutes and the gate was G4; if you remember the gates in Terminal B that is at the very far end. Now that is a CHUBBY excuse if I ever heard one!!! Still expecting twins???
  14. YEGDeliveryMan

    Traffic down here?

    Then I can't imagine why a troll like yourself would come here. Because I love seeing you squirm exAss -- you are such as weener!!! Bring it on ... you lose regardless!!!
  15. YEGDeliveryMan

    Traffic down here?

    You mean the blatther Parnel!!! HA HA Smart blood stays away ... YAWN --- quite a slow site here if ya ask me!!!