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  1. Boy what happens to Cansfluer Dead here?
  2. TTC is great if you have smoke coming out of your ASS!
  3. Its intersting to note that of your 13 posts to date not one is what I weould call on topic for anything...yet you feel warranted to call for moderation here............that's a joke and a half Oh yes and many of your posts are spot on topic. I tend to agree with others, you are an asshole. No idea why I joined but I am leaving. With assholes like you here, why bother trying to contribute.
  4. I agree with AB320, I think it is time for something here. I have not been here long but it is a mess now and it seems that certain long-time posters stir the pot (based on their post count). I think moderation is needed not only for new posters but long time also. My chords-worth
  5. Sounds like he has some experience ... so why not let him speak? Do we have to listen to the other guy all the time?
  6. They may need diapurs but are not full of shit like here!!
  7. I would fear more being the person who gets the last bag delivered. Being BA that would be at your home by courier about 3 weeks later. Happened to me! BA??? BAH!!!
  8. Thanks for the insight Parnel. Not sure if I will stay around or not. Bye.
  9. Sorry you took such offense. You did use MusicMan as your username and the thread was about a new music site...what else are we to think? Andyhow, the least you could do is fixed the fckn link and don't be so defensive! \comments deleted\ \I now understand the psychological coffee issues of the OP\ \also was told he uses a MAC and that explains his lck of computer knwlege\
  10. ??? I have no site - I read this nd thought I could add here ... soooo sorry
  11. I thougt this may be of interest ? The Aeroplan music store turns Miles into Music A Canadian loyalty industry first; Aeroplan, Hip Digital Media and Michael Bublé are ready to entertain members MONTREAL, Sept. 5 /CNW Telbec/ - Aeroplan (TSX: AER.UN), Canada's premier loyalty marketing program, today announced an innovative new reward, the AEROPLAN MUSIC STORE, and Aeroplan's Fly Away with Michael Bublé contest. In partnership with Hip Digital Media, a full-service digital media agency, Aeroplan has created a custom branded site, http://www.aeroplanmusicstore.com , where members can create accounts and download music by redeeming 6,000 Aeroplan Miles for a 50-song Music Code. The AEROPLAN MUSIC STORE allows members to participate in the increasingly popular world of online digital music. Aeroplan has launched the Fly Away with Michael Bublé contest to celebrate this exciting addition to its growing list of non-flight rewards. From September 10 - October 21, one lucky Aeroplan member who redeems their miles for a code to the AEROPLAN MUSIC STORE will be selected to fly to London with a guest to see Canada's own Michael Bublé at Wembley Arena. After the concert, the winner and guest will head backstage to meet Bublé. For contest details, visit http://www.aeroplan.com/musicstorecontest . "The AEROPLAN MUSIC STORE is exciting for Aeroplan as it represents our first step into the world of online digital music," said Craig Landry, Vice President, Member Products and Services, Aeroplan. "The innovative ability to turn Miles into Music helps Aeroplan deliver on our commitment to uniquely expand our portfolio of rewards to meet the diverse interests of our members." Aeroplan has been steadily working to diversify its non-flight rewards for members. In 2006, non-flight rewards represented 16 per cent of total rewards issued. Hip Digital Media has provided over 1 million licensed songs for the AEROPLAN MUSIC STORE from all four major record labels, independent labels and music aggregators such as The Orchard. The store's content is available in WMA (Windows Media Audio) and MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3); each song shows either a WMA or MP3 graphic next to it for easy identification. Members can download individual tracks or entire albums. "Hip Digital Media is honoured to partner with Aeroplan. Given our strength in building music properties, we understand the need for companies to deliver custom branded programs to retain and build their membership base," says Peter Diemer, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Development, Hip Digital Media. "The strength of the Aeroplan brand makes the AEROPLAN MUSIC STORE an excellent place to showcase our distribution and marketing services." The 2007 Digital Music Report, by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), reveals single track downloads totalled approximately 795 million in 2006, an 89 per cent increase from 2005. The IFPI's report also suggests consumers are turning to digital music downloads because they offer 24-hour shopping and unlimited shelf space; consumers can get what they want, exactly when they want it. About Hip Digital Media, Inc. Hip Digital Media Inc. is a full-service digital media agency specializing in the licensing and distribution of digital entertainment. Hip Digital offers custom branded solutions for the delivery of digital music through creative and proprietary technology. From design and development, to content licensing and Pin-code distribution, Hip Digital brings together all of the necessary components for creating powerful music experiences. Hip Digital Media's client list includes EMI MUSIC CANADA (Nissan, VISA, Ernst & Young, HMV, Teva), Jetstar Entertainment, (Pepsi), Universal Music Canada, CORUS Entertainment (CMT, YTV), The Government of Canada (SXSW), Red Bricks Media (Seagate) and several other advertising & marketing agencies. Hip Digital is represented to the advertising industry by AWE, a division of Omnicom. For more information about Hip Digital, please visit http://www.hipdigitalmedia.com . About Aeroplan Aeroplan is Canada's premier loyalty marketing company, dedicated to developing and executing programs designed to engage the loyalty of its prestigious membership. Aeroplan's millions of members earn Aeroplan Miles with its network of more than 60 world-class partners, representing more than 100 brands in the financial, retail, and travel sectors. Miles earned may be redeemed for Aeroplan's industry-leading ClassicFlight Rewards, innovative ClassicPlus Flight Rewards, and global Star Alliance Flight Rewards, offering travel to more than 850 destinations worldwide. In 2006 alone, more than 1.4 million round-trip flight rewards were issued. Aeroplan's roster of non-flight rewards includes more than 400 exciting specialty, merchandise, and experiential rewards, as well as hotel and car rental rewards. Members are encouraged to stay engaged with Aeroplan and avoid mileage expiration due to inactivity by earning or redeeming Aeroplan Miles at least once in any consecutive twelve-month period. For more information about Aeroplan, please visit http://www.aeroplan.com .
  12. Seams to me that Mr. Rosedale is playing games
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