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  1. I could be wrong but this is the first time I recall you ever using a CBC poll to prove your point. The only questions I have on this are what is it going to cost and how far overbudget will it be when it is audited at the end? This main appeal for this is for Armed Forces members and veterans who were around when the initial conversion happened. With the exception of military members who have a long family history in the military, very few newer members could care less either way.
  2. it says only US citizens. There appears to be some confusion as I saw a previous announcement that Canadians with the IRIS scan nexus cards, as opposed to the land crossing version could clear any US entry port through global entry. The e-mail talks about 2 things: a pilot program for expedited security and the installation of GE machines at Canadian airports. The first is only for US citizens. The GE machines in Canada are open to Canadians. Let us know what you find out when you visit the office but I am suspecting that this will be yet another part of the program that is treated consistently inconsistently.
  3. Bad headline by the journalist. I thought that UA was going to introduce an actual PE and not just E+. With those kinds of numbers though it is almost guaranteed that it will be E+. It will be interesting to see what AC does decide on, but E+ is probably not one of the options. An actual PE would make more sense but then it might take away some J seats and lower upgrade chances...
  4. For a government that seems so focused on pretending to save every penny that they can this seems like an odd move. This sort of rebranding is an unnecessary expense at this time for no real reason.
  5. Would the revenue have to be booked on .bomb in order to qualify or just be on United ticket stock? How would codeshares code? Figuring out revenue seems much more complicated to me than just having a number of segments.
  6. Hmm, I guess his manners, which he spoke so highly of, only seem to apply when he feels they should.
  7. May you be touched by his noodly appendage. Hopefully when StatCan releases the religion number from the National Household Survey our true numbers come out. A little birdie told me that we counted ourselves in. Hopefully my fellow Pastafarians and I will be the fastest growing religion for years to come.
  8. For our next election we should look into getting some UN representatives to monitor it. Maybe North Korea and Zimbabwe can send some representatives to ensure that democracy continues to flourish in our country.
  9. OS has a chef on board as well. Not that he seemed to do anything on the flight I was on other than walk around with a silly hat...
  10. Characterizing Con voters as uneducated and not "real Canadians" is just another of those arrogant attitudes that has done in the Lib's. Unless the Liberals change their delusional superiority complex, they will fade into irrelevance. The most uneducated voters would have to be the ones who voted for some of the NDP candidates in Quebec. Here is one example - http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/ndp-candidate-back-from-vegas-and-has-a-shot-at-winning-seat/article2004730/.
  11. If Jack has half a brain he can use this to help his cause. He seems to be capitalizing on people's disdain of how things are currently working in parliament and this is just another example of the mudslinging that people no longer care to see. The people who in my eyes would be the most swung by this allegation weren't even the ones that were being swung over to him.
  12. It's a quote from an article (not a forum, oldster) stating the ad was pulled. Following a complaint from the Tories, the Liberals agreed to pull the ad Try and spin it any which way you want but everyone knows the Hypogrits screwed up: Hmm, a quote from an article attributed that quote to SH so that means it must also be true then using your logic.
  13. Bringing up attendance in parliament is just silly. The leaders only need show up when their vote is needed or if they feel like having their picture taken. Amazingly there is even a member whose job it is to tell them they better show up when the vote is going to be close. It's a shame that Layton didn't read this article that came out in March, then he might have gotten his numbers straight. Who'd want to put someone in charge of this country when he can't even get a number that easy right. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/why-leaders-miss-votes-and-how-the-parties-stack-up/article1932360/
  14. Better vote for the Cons if you want your riding to get any money! http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/canadavotes2011/story/2011/04/07/lac-saint-louis-riding-campaign-liberals-conservatives.html
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