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  1. Kudos to Harper for offering a state funeral for Layton. Classy gesture, and surprisingly, one I believe it was offered sincerely.
  2. RIP. Sadly when I saw his last press conference I feared that this would be the outcome.
  3. The poll is hardly a resounding endorsements of Harper's neo-colonialism. And your pro-militarism is worthy of Sarah Palin at her best, careful your personality disorder is showing.
  4. I'm really not interested in the military as fashion arbiters. The military likes to fall back on "tradition" as an excuse for all kinds of things. They're a department of the government like all the rest. You may recall the same arguments were made by the Tories and other "traditionalists" to fight the adoption of the Maple Leaf as the Canadian flag every step of the way. the Tories have always been the party of backward throwbacks, probably why they do so well in Alberta.
  5. In a sad attempt to play "suddenly it's 1950" the Harper Tories have seen fit to throw the country back to subservient colonial status to the United Kingdom and slap the "Royal" prefix on the navy and air force. How pathetic. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/pol ... le2130991/
  6. No surprise here, since they're in the back pocket of the oil industry. Who needs environmental protection anyway? Hundreds of Environment Canada employees are at risk of losing their jobs in the coming months. "The number of cuts they announced was massive compared to what we've seen in the past," said William Pynn, national president of the Union of Environmental Workers. More than 700 employees will receive letters to let them know their jobs will be affected, Pynn said - about 11 per cent of Environment Canada's workforce... Read more: http://www.canada.com/business/Environm ... z1UGaBIooL
  7. Apparently our resident Albertan sheeple missed the fact Canada's GDP contracted in May, the first month of Tory majority government. I guess Finance Minister Munchkin didn't follow the yellow brick road.
  8. Watching the unfolding fiasco in the Ungovernable States of America, its clear that a Canada polarized between the Tory Right and the NDP Left will be headed down exactly the same path. Fortunately the sad spectacle unfolding south of the 49th will return Canada to its sensible roots of electing centrist Liberal gov'ts not beholden to extremists. If the NDP feels a civil service union leader is going to connect with ordinary Canadians, they are indeed a flash in the pan.
  9. Tcook is sadly only revealing his ignorance about BC politics if he thinks the BC Liberals are remotely similar to their federal counterpart.
  10. Yep, you prairie people shure like yur guns, yep. Just like the mini-me Amurricans we all knew you were.
  11. For the third time in two years Telus has somehow managed to screw up my payments to them. Every time I change my cc or expiry date, they somehow manage to mess it up, and start sending me suspension notices. There is always some friendly Filipino voice on their "help" line that assures me they have all the information they need. This latest cock-up is the last straw, when I demanded to speak to a supervisor they assured me someone would call me back the next day. That was a week ago and I'm still waiting....
  12. Is anybody surprised this parasite works for the Federal gov't, that cesspool of a self-preserving bilingual elite that feels entitled to rule over the rest of Canadians?
  13. Classic George W. Bushism, bleating "support the troops" at every opportunity. Have you got your "Palin 2012" badge yet, or have you switched allegiance to Michelle Bachmann?
  14. It was a giant waste of time, money and lives. NATO and the USA should have settled for smashing the Taliban gov't, putting Bin Laden on the run until counterintelligence could hunt him down. Afghanistan is a cesspit, always has been and always will be. The fact that we've been fighting there longer than we were in WWII is shocking.
  15. Harper, as usual, is being a fool. Rather than taking advantage of his 5 year mandate (ignoring silly fixed term legislation) to give Quebec a well deserved F-U on a whole host of issues that should have been dealt with similarly for years, he's squandering the opportunity. He still can't resist toadying for votes.
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