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  1. For the current promotion, I am wondering if YUL-YOW is considered an eligible Rapidair flight. I always thought it was but I could be wrong on this. Is Rapidair only via TO? What happened to YEG-YYC Rapidair or was that another life time ago?
  2. . [Note] I agree it is an 8 yr rule if you book in time!
  3. I had a reply with a full report from them within just 3 days, far faster than the 20 days they suggest. Further the report shows my mileage to be used by up to 4 years from 2013 forward for a number of years, which is very helpful. Very impressed with their response!
  4. I am relieved that AC or rather Aeroplan has now installed a button over unused mileage that will expire in 2013. I have been requesting this for some time as I have a ton of Aeroplan miles to expire that year. If you use this button, they will send you a report on unused mileage that will expire 7 yrs after being earned but the report takes about 20 days to prepare. That is fine with me. They have also added a button on Aeroplan activity for the last 12 months as well to ensure accounts are up to date otherwise they will be deleted....good way to clear out the deadwood!. Well done, finally!
  5. Yes they do work well but so they should. I am still smarting over the few number of eCredits we get, far from what we used to get with the paper certs! This leads me to ask how many each of you have left? How do you manage the few you get? I have been fortune to score some good Z fares so as to save up my eCredits. But by year of this AE season, I expect it to be a stretch unless I fork over Latitude or M fares. Basically the new system is far less generous than the old one unless you (or more likely your company) are able to buy Latitude fares which is exactly what the new system is designed to force you to do.
  6. let me assure you that I have donated many of my aeroplan miles to charities for many yrs and I have received tax deductible credits. I have a very good tax advisor! You need to get one too. you need to print off the fair market value for the exact flights as proof and do not get greety....stick to T+ fares is what I suggest.
  7. Always had good service from Conceirges but tonight is another great story. My IAH-YYC flight was delayed 1 hour + and I would have missed my YYC-YOW connection. But Shelly (YYC Conceirge) called me and rebooked me on IAH-YYZ-YOW so that I could get back to exciting Ottawa faster and without missing my YYC connection, and she made sure it was all in J or Z which I was booked in. Very impressive especially as this was after I had already checked in at Houston where the agents there had not noticed that I would miss my connection and never mentioned it to me. I was sitting in the CO lounge when Shelly contacted me and saved my day. The fast acting AC gate agent in IAH even got my checked luggage re-routed, and this all happened within 15 minutes of the departure to YYC and the flight to YYZ was just 45 min later. The entire AC system worked exceptionally well on this, despite that the fact they should never have checked me in for a flight that I would have missed my connection for....the check-in agents in IAH were asleep at the switch, but the Conceirges elsewhere were on the ball. I would have been stranded in Calgary which is I must admit is not a bad place to be stranded in, despite its political orientation! However it would have screwed up my travels the next day to YYZ. This is just another great example of the value of the Conceirges! They are so great.
  8. what is LMU? I have no idea what you are referring to!
  9. Is no one else interested in this concept?
  10. if you fly AC that much why cant you get into the MLLs on your status? That would save you on the Amex fees big time. BTW the best deal with AMEX is their louge in Toronto and some (not all) cities which are better IMHO than the MLLs althought they too have risen to the competition somewhat! The YYZ Amex lounges are really great.....It is the one reason I keep my Amex Plat card. However their lounges in HKG and other cities really suck. 100k
  11. Wondering if AC has considered a purchase plan so members could buy a few extra credits? I have projected all my travel for the year and the first 2 months of 2012,and I plan to retain SE status for another yr. However I expect I to have a small balance of e-credits left over (that will expire on Feb 29th and not be renewable based on present policy). The expected small amount of credits will not permit me to use unless there is a way to top up without buying another pass or purchasing much higher fares. I would also like to see this balance carried forward for the next full year. One option would be the above strategies but I would hope that AC would permit its very loyal customers to buy some E-Credits at a reasonable price OR to extend their life past the Feb 29/2012 life span. I hope this concept will be positively considered and implemented just as AC/AE have done for aeroplan rewards, and pass extensions. Andrew, what say you?
  12. {/quote] I'm not sure why you are so worked up about this. The fact they did do an early rollout is an indication they are moving forward. I'm closer to 2MM which is maybe why I was chosen for the early notice. Nothing has really changed yet in terms of upgrades or status except the note on the PNR to advise service directors. AC is motivated to get this program going and I assume they want to get it right so the unclean masses won't once again pounce on them like they did when they rolled out the ecert program too hastily. This a tough crowd and the whiners seem to make it worse for the rest of us in some ways. Well Parnel, I crossed the 1 MM line several years ago and do not know why I was not selected for the "pilot" program but I have been waiting patiently. I am merely asking what the heck is going on as it has been 8 months now and the only communication was to wait till sometime in 2011 as they "reviewed" the program. Wouldn't that spick your unlimited curosity? BTW I am getting closer to 2 MM too but not there yet, but if CP had been included I would have been there or darn close.
  13. This is only the beginning of major problems from email and electronic accounts. I am not optimistic.
  14. I have now had 2 notices about illegal entries into major websites, one from Hilton Honours and also from Airmiles, both saying their systems were compromised and to watch for illicit activity! both notices were today. Anyone else noticed these warnings?
  15. Regardless of this banter, I am still waiting and waiting and waiting for my 1MM package. Last news from Aeroplan or was it AC (?) was in January and that they were reviewing the program and would be back to me within the year. I find that my patience is starting to wear thin on this and whenever they say they are reviewing the matter, I worry! That is my experience speaking. Who else is waiting and waiting for this honour? Surely I am not alone as I have over 1.3 million AC miles accumulated. It is very unfair of them to send out only some kits and not all that are entitled but I have been waiting patiently for this. At the very minimum they could at least have such status listed on ones profile which will not mean much but would tell the inflight and gate crew something important about their customer at hand.
  16. great video! The plane is all wing and stubbier than I imagined it to be!
  17. With the reduction of eCredits we have received, how is this impacting on the availbility of upgrades on AC? I suspect more R upgrades should be available for those who actually have the credits in hand! I have noticed lots of availablility on short notice to LHR but due to the cutbacks (both in service and in number of eCredits we have available) is it making Rs more available within booking windows? Let me know your experience. GRU from YYZ looks fully booked on short notice........ but what role are route controllers playing on key routes??? that is another question Your insight appreciated!
  18. limited routes only....not many that work for me but thanks for posting this.
  19. A spot of good british humour over cheap flights.....enjoy!
  20. I find that odd service on Aeroplans part but so be it.
  21. On this ice game, Air Canada has taken the moral high road and Gary Bettman is the big loser. The court of public opinion is totally behind AC and the stop of voilence on the ice. I take my hat off to Calin and the AC Crew for their speaking out, even if it was all meant to be quiet. BRAVO Calin. Bravo AC.
  22. Can we only view our eCredit upgrade account only on AC, or is it also on Aeroplan site. I cannot find it there.
  23. Lev makes a good point. In my case, it all worked out well although my LHR-YUL flight was late by almost an hour and I was wondering what would happen if I was downgraded on my connector---would I get some credits back if downgraded? Happily that never happened as my connector was also delayed. So all went very well for my first eCredits voyage!
  24. I would like Andrew to confirm this. I am aware of the rules but not when it is a code share as a SE agent told me they were eligible for 500 min AC miles when bought with other AC tickets, not seperately.
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