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  1. The title means nothing. There are VP's at Air Canada that barely make $100' date='000 a year, while at the same time 95 of the top 100 paid people at Air Canada are pilots. When I left 12 years ago I got a pay rise for what amounted to a new part-time job at another company. The middle management that you talk about is highly underpaid. [/quote'] exac: I have great respect for you. I do have a problem with any VP at AC making less than 100K. Forgive my incredulity. I took a look at AC annual report 2011 on executive compensation. VP are well paid !
  2. One of the quotes is mine and I stand by it. AC is top heavy !
  3. EWR not reliable an airport.....too congested !
  4. What is wrong with the Habs ?
  5. AND IF WINTERPEG HAD MADE IT WHO WOULD BE YOUR TEAM? Still vote Chicago.....Jets would have been soon eliminated. Not Stanley Cup material yet.
  6. I just marked this post on my agenda......advocating censorship and moderator intervention.
  7. And here I thought that CATSA and TSA had the monopoly on stupidity. http://www.nationalpost.com/news/canada ... story.html
  8. From that same source, it seems the number of E has increased....
  9. I just received my new passport. It has a feature that is new to me. On page 3 there is a bar code and an eight alpha numeric code. My new passport has this alpha numeric code laser burned through on each page and the back cover has holes made by the laser with the same alpha numeric code. Anybody know what this is ?
  10. I was in Normandy three weeks ago...visited all the beaches especially Juno Beach Very sobering experience to once again ponder on the stupidity of war....
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