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    Oilers 2014

    Once again the OILERS prevailed easily over the Chokers de YUL despite all the delusionary beliefs and statements by parnel! The best part was watching him squirm beside me at the game! The Eastern Point Harvest continues!!
  2. As long as no further subsidies are paid to the Central Canadian Carrier. That way real airlines are introduced to YEG and thereafter provide outstanding service. No accident that AA has added YEG-LAX only a short while after introducing YEG-DFW and FI quickly increased frequency only a few days after starting YEG-KEF
  3. Loosegoose the only constipation you see is your own because your head is permanently up yours.
  4. Another perfect example of the old adage, "A diarrhea of words and a constipation of ideas."
  5. 14, 793 posts to date of nose-stretching fantasy and personal invective by parnelocchio....
  6. Sad and pathetic you are....
  7. A blatant lie. And your 'pals' at the Central Canadian Airline know it. Unlike you I don't make things up and I can't take any credit for the brilliant errorplan movement away from those who actually printed the flyers and set up the website. It is sad that it no longer exists.
  8. Shameful is the way you whined about not being comped to SE and then castigate others later. As for errorplan, ask your 'pals' at the Central Canadian Carrier and they'll tell you I had nothing to do with its set-up. They know who it was....
  9. loosegoose (aka parnel) has to have a place to vent as he struggles to pretend it's not himself on FT. After several bans on MP he was a 'ship without a home' except here but is attempting a 'comeback' on FT. Tick-tick-tick-tick-tick....
  10. Denying the past. Why don't you ever tell people about your 'career' on errorplan where you extolled the virtues of WestJet and how they flew real jets and trash talked the Central Canadian Carrier? Is it because you don't want to mention that you were the first of the "whiners" because you failed to qualify as an SE in that year and they 'somehow' failed to recognize your position that they ought to have comped it to you? Just askin' loosegoose....
  11. Like I said, loosegoose completely clueless. Too much airplane toilet flushing overtop of Oakville and into the atmosphere around his shack. Making up 'facts' just like his alter ego, parnel.
  12. Shows you that the Central Canadian Carrier is clueless just like loosegoose.
  13. Once again illustrating that YEG is a great market! YEG-LAX 7:25 a.m. arriving 9:49 a.m. LAX-YEG 5:25 p.m. arriving 9:56 p.m.! Another route promised by Ben Smith that never materialized....
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