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  1. Saw your July 16th update - thanks for keeping the site going - if only for historical reasons, but who knows, we may all get shooed back here one day.
  2. Parnel, I would be very surprised if AC sweetens the pot next year - we'll see. Also don't count on earning eUps for 20K and 40K even if they are before March 1. It's a new earning year.
  3. I'm looking forward to our resident AC defender tell us how great the changes are for 2015 because he'll no longer have to pay YQ as he empties his Aeroplan piggy bank in disgust because he'll no longer earn enough eUpgrades to upgrade all his international travel - even if he buys Latitude. Anyway, for the fist time I'm going to be seriously evaluating whether Altitude is my best option.
  4. The Lev

    Ac J Plans

    Parnel, even I got advance warning that I would not like this year's enhancements.
  5. When I don't take the TTC (a benefit of not living in Oakville), I typically park at Direct Flight Parking on the west side of Carlingview just north of Dixon Road. Normally there is a shuttle bus there waiting to take me to the airport. On the return to YYZ you need to call them and it is typically a 8-10 minute wait for the shuttle to arrive. Cost is considerably lower than ParknFly - about $10/day or $45/week including tax. See www.directflightparking.com
  6. Hopefully those "clear paths" are clearer than their current clear paths for Priority passengers.
  7. Parnel, maybe you should add to your earlier post "...under the nom de plume of Parnel".
  8. Yay - another thread of name-calling.
  9. My, what a civilized conversation we're having over here. No wonder the sandbox is so empty.
  10. Would be nice but in our egalitarian society I'm not holding my breath that AC will in fact follows suit.
  11. You'll need to keep working for a few more years to reach 3 Million.
  12. I guess that explains why AC's market value is ~$1 billion compared to $3.2 billion for WS.
  13. Effective September 24, 2013, AC swirtched a number of booking classes from Tango to Flex further widening the gap between the two fare classes: - Booking classes S and W will now be sold under the Tango fare option for all international travel, including Sun destinations. - Booking Class K will now be sold under the Tango fare option for travel within Canada, for travel between Canada and the United States, and between Canada and Sun destinations. - Booking classes T and L will now be sold under the Tango fare option for travel to Sun destinations. If you want to go to Europe on an upgradeable fare it is now much like flying to Asia - bank on paying roughly a $900 return premium to then get to play Aerolotto.
  14. Your verdict? I recently took two flights in LX J, which is supposed to be similar/identical. I found them better for daytime flying (more space, better AVOD) but the "bed" was not as comfortable as AC's pod and felt quite confining.
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