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  1. No I will be burning off 2014 Ecerts until March 1.
  2. I will go into the next Aeroplan year with over 120 eupgrade points and will be at 60K miles by March 1. So, I am fine for next year and will see what 2016 brings because I will achieve SE status again. If the economy slows down as appears to be imminent then AC maybe backing off some of the worst stuff in order to keep market share. In any event I will enjoy not having to WL too often for upgrades. I have always taken it one year at a time and still get good value from of my AC status.
  3. parnel

    Ac J Plans

    That is purely a rumour that I have never heard. AC would be the first airline that I know of to do this and they are generally not leaders. You will most probably see less opportunity to UG from lower flex fares however.
  4. If the TTC is a benefit on a cold winter morning in a snowstorm I will pass on that one. If one arrives at midnight is it still a benefit? The other benefit we miss is the comedy act known as Rob Ford. Also some people have to commute to Oakville for work from the big smoke.
  5. Get a Platinum AMEX and valet park at T1. the valet parking cost is not charged and you get a 15% discount on your parking. As much as I travel i pay for my AMEX fees via the parking discount.
  6. parnel

    Jb Moderator

    Ok lets. you are the complete asshole, since you asked for straight on stuff. You have an axe to grind with AC that has nothing to do with flying. I defend them because they take me where I want to go pretty much when I want to go and almost always in J. So in my estimate its assholes like you who are the trolls. If you ever called me a traitor to my face you would not like my response. But then again you are in sushi land pretending to be someone when you are in reality a fucking nobody when it comes to travel and commentary on AC.
  7. parnel

    Jb Moderator

    At least I am an AC customer and not just an antagonist living in sushi land far from the action.
  8. yea really. I don't need to back anything up as it is info I pick up from reliable sources. Just remember where you heard it when it becomes official. I do fly a lot on AC unlike you or the "QC my ass" guy who thinks AC dislikes his City which is dog patch compared to YYC. 150K miles so far this year on AC alone, and counting. You just like to try and rub your dislike of AC into management because they told you to get lost a few years ago with your dumb idea. You have to be an idiot, or worse, a QC to be on a blog where you don't even use the company's offerings. You must be part of the Ken Hamer fan club and it must really piss you off that AC has their act together, are profitable while growing quite a lot with new planes and services.
  9. Good for them. AC seems to fly where they don't need subsidies and make money on their own expertise. Ergo they drop YEG flights because of all the bottom feeders that seem to fly from there and leave them for 2nd rate carriers.
  10. Well up yours too..........QC my ass. Any new flights coming from the most subsidized airport in Canada.
  11. As AC continues to roll out their 787's more and more exclusive privileges will be introduced for high yield customers. They have plans to split some major lounges like the asian carriers do and will go to zonal boarding with a clear path for high yield pax and SE's as one exclusive boarding line.
  12. Ah yes we have seen the constipation in your eyes. QC my ass.
  13. QC my ass. You are a blind to facts as the soilers who signed a marginal player like Pouliot for $5MM a season. YEG = losers Why don't you restart errorplan if things are as bad as you seem to think. AC just announced very good BIS numbers even w/o your lousy business which they obviously don't miss. They are profitable because they got rid of the freeloader bums like you. You hate AC so much you spend your life reading every post about AC on all the blogs. Hypocrisy in full bloom.
  14. QC my ass. You appear not to know any real facts unless they are slanted in your direction.
  15. at least i'm honest and not so biased as to be blind. QC my ass!!!
  16. Wear it as you own it. Denials won't help. Facts are facts. QC my ass!!!
  17. You were specifically named. And you are FOS as usual. QC my ass
  18. parnel

    Awesome !

    I try to live by those words!!!
  19. I have always been an AC supporter because they treat me very well as a customer. I get every upgrade, IKK, and have life time status. I fly out of YYZ with at most one stop to anywhere in the world. Your problem is that you live in sushi land and have no clue about how AC really is. Why you bother tells me you might be as big a troll as that idiot Hamer. As for me being a suck hole that really tells the story about how little you know me. Now FO and get lost
  20. Just trying to match your level of gutter stuff.
  21. This guy is a QC..shows how low an IQ is needed to get that title. YEGman is still living in the past
  22. YEGman loses it again with his analysis by paralysis of AC. He plays golf with the gurus who run YEG and thus thinks they are smart. Subsidies only last so long and if the flight doesn't make money it dies and the subsidy is wasted. UA and others have started and stopped several trans border flights ex YEG over the years. It is and always will be a poor cousin to YYC and soon YMM which is growing at an amazing clip with flights going east west north and south. There is even talk of a direct to Europe from YMM which might be far fetched but possibly doable on a weekly basis. Many flights that used to fly through YEG are now going direct to YMM or connecting through YYC where bigger planes are beginning to be used on the YYCYMM route. As well many charters operate out of YMM to points east and west also bypassing YEG. That airport could easily turn out to be a white elephant. AC and WJA have not put any more seats on the east west YEG routes for some time now but AC has tripled their YMM east west flights and have significantly increased their east west YYC seats. One should note AC recently put their dreamliner on display in YYC and not YEG. WJA mainline growth is stagnant these days as well covered up by the addition of Encore.
  23. at least you posted in the right place over here. I wonder how much EIAA is subsidizing that flight
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