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  1. See page: http://www2.aeroplan.com/use_your_miles ... d_chart.do Not all point requirements have been increased. Of those that have been....some highlights: NA business class reward flights from 40K to 50K Hawaii economy from 40K to 45K Hawaii business class from 60 to 80K UK business class from 85K to 90K Have a look at the chart to see the complete list
  2. I've been to a chiropractor a few times, but didn't particularly like it or the results. I second Q shoe guy's opinion: get regular massages, do yoga/pilates or something else that strengthens and lengthens muscles and helps your core strength, and try and lose any weight one might call Molson muscle.....
  3. I agree with what a lot of Karachi said. I lived in the UK for the first 6 years of my working career and it is true that the Brits treat "outsiders" of all types differently. I could have lived there until I was 90 and I would always have been "that Canadian chappy". One of the saddest/funniest comments I ever heard in London was from an Irish "navvy" (labourer) in a pub: "Ah sure 'tis great to be Irish in London....no-one knows you're black until you open your mouth". The experience of my English wife has been completely the opposite. I married her in England in 94 and then we moved back to Toronto. She has never felt an outsider here. As she says, she sees herself as part of the mix that is Toronto. So much so, that when we go back to visit England she remarks on how different it is than Canada. As to Parnel's point about immigrant ghettoes, there has always been an aspect of that in Canada, particularly in Toronto. What is Kensington Market but on old Jewish Ghetto? Three guesses as to what kind of neighbourhood Corktown was? I would start to get concerned if we were to see successive generations stay in these self-chosen locations. I'm not sure that is happening to a great degree, but I'd be interested in finding if the subject has been researched. And with regard to that citadel of WASP-ness, I'd wager that a good chunk of those newcomers (of whatever hue) have a chunk of change in their pockets. Same thing is happening in my neighbourhood in the west end; it is definitely more diverse than it was 20 years ago, but it has also got more affluent in relative terms to the rest of the city.
  4. Discount code has found a home, and the eMCO is in the process of being transferred over. Thanks to those who responded.
  5. Oh...forgot to add.... since we are highly unlikely to be using the discount code (can have 2 people on it; it is for 25% off the base fare), and given that it is transferable, I would be happy to give it to someone on the board who is contemplating a long and expensive flight. PM me if you would like it, and tell me the route you would use it on. If more than one person is interested, I will find a way to adjudicate who gets it. It might be by capricious whim but, as they say, the judge's decision is final. Not sure if the eMCO can be used by others, or if it has to be used by the users of the holders of the original ticket (Mrs Hogtowner and rugrat #2).
  6. Update.... I wrote a nice, polite email to AC outlining the situation and asking if they might offer some Aeroplan miles for the inconvenience (didn't ask for a specific amount of miles). About 3 weeks later got a reply saying sorry for the inconvenience, and saying that as an additional gesture of goodwill (presumably in addition to the $100 eMCO) they will give my wife a discount code for 25% off the base fare of any AC flight; code would be valid for 12 months. I wrote back to say that the next time we were likely to be buying paid AC tickets (as opposed to reward tickets) was going to be in spring 2012 for a trip back to the UK in the summer of 2012. The discount code would have expired by them (as would the eMCO). I replied one last time to ask if they would reconsider, pointing out that the reason I had asked about the possibilty of Aeroplan miles was that they have a longer shelf life than eMCOs or discount codes. AC replied that they couldn't give miles, ending their email with this sentence: >>We understand that you are disappointed, however, we must remain fair and consistent with our handling of similar requests for all customers.<< My only comments on the whole issue would be: 1) I'm not sure how consistently they apply this standard. I'm pretty sure I have heard on the JB of people getting miles compensation for things like delays and IFE not working. Perhaps those are stories that date back a year or two and indeed AC has hardened its line on compensation. 2) The offer of discounts on future travel is a bit like a restaurant that has just presented you a crappy meal giving you a coupon for a 2-for-1 entree on your next visit. Knocking the price of the desserts off the bill is much more likely to get the customer thinking about coming back again.
  7. Just had a quick look to see what the EU says and found this: http://ec.europa.eu/ireland/contact_us/ ... dex_en.htm Doesn't apply to AC, but it would apply to BA as it is a "Community carrier". The section on delays is a little unclear about monetary compensation, but it fairly explicit about meals, drinks and, if appropriate, hotels: >>SNIP<< Flight delays - air passenger rights What are my rights if my flight is delayed? Article 6 of the Regulation sets out the rights of passengers where a flight is delayed. Where the airline reasonably expects a flight to be delayed beyond the scheduled time for departure, passengers are entitled to meals and refreshments in reasonable relation to the waiting time and two free telephone calls or emails or faxes. The point at which these rights are activated depends on the length of the delay and distance of the flight as follows: - for two hours or more in the case of flights of 1,500km or less; - for three hours or more in the case of intra-Community flights of more than 1,500km and of all other flights between 1,500 and 3,000km; - for four hours or more in the case of flights not within the above categories Where the reasonably expected time of departure is at least the day after the time of departure previously announced, passengers are entitled to hotel accommodation where an overnight stay becomes necessary and transport between the airport and that accommodation. Example Mark plans to travel from Dublin to Heathrow but his flight has been delayed for three hours. He is entitled to two faxes, telephone calls or emails and to meals and drinks reasonable to the length of the delay e.g. coffee and a muffin or sandwich. Contrast his situation with that of Mary whose flight to New York scheduled to depart at 10pm has been delayed until 7am the following day. Mary is entitled also to the telephone calls etc. and to the meals and drinks reasonable to the length of her delay. In her case, she should be granted something more substantial than coffee and a muffin. In addition, she is entitled to hotel accommodation and to transfers between the accommodation and the airport. Where the delay is five hours or more, passengers are entitled to a choice between reimbursement of the full cost of the flight ticket for the parts of the journey not made and for the parts of the journey made, if the flight no longer serves any purpose in relation to the travel plans of the passenger, together with, when relevant, a return flight to the first point of departure at the earliest opportunity. Examples Flight from Cork to Paris Lisa is travelling from Cork to Paris, return. Her flight is delayed for six hours. She decides not to travel. She should ask the airline to cancel her reservation and will receive a refund within seven days. The airline has no further obligation to Lisa when she cancels the flight. Flight from Dublin to London and then to Dubai: Ronan is travelling from Dublin to London and then on to Dubai, return. If his flight from Dublin is delayed for longer than five hours, and he cancels the onward flights, he is entitled to refund of his tickets within seven days. If the flight from London is delayed for longer than five hours, he can claim a refund together with a flight back to Dublin. Is the passenger entitled to any monetary compensation in the event of a delay? Not unless the delay exceeds three hours and then only in limited circumstances. The Court of Justice of the EU ruled on 19th November 2009 in the joined cases of Sturgeon v Condor Flugdienst GmbH and Bock and others v Air France SA C-402 and 423/07 that compensation may be payable as if the flight was cancelled where the resulting delay is longer than three hours. However, compensation will not be payable if the air carrier can prove that the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. What if the airline does not provide assistance when the flight is delayed? Is the passenger entitled to claim reimbursement of any drinks and food and telephone calls from the airline? The Regulation is silent on this. However, it would be contrary to the spirit and purpose of the Regulation for the airline to refuse to reimburse reasonable expenditure for items it should have provided under the Regulation. It is important to have regard to the word ”reasonable” here. Even if the airline does not observe it’s obligations in offering you the assistance it should under the Regulation, this does not mean that you should expect to be reimbursed for a five course dinner in the event of a three hour delay. If the airline does not provide you with the assistance provided for under the Regulation, you should go to the check in area or the boarding desk of the airline and request written notice of your rights in accordance with Article 14 of the Regulation. If this is refused or there is still no attempt by the airline to offer any assistance, you should ensure that you keep all receipts for food and drinks and calls for presentation to the airline on your return or for forwarding to the Commission for Aviation Regulation to notify the Commission of the infringement or for production in the Small Claims Court if you decide to take legal action to recover your costs.
  8. No need for the sarcasm......why the crankypants routine? I'm not "that" type of person. I was just asking for the Board's opinion. If you think it a request for Aero-pesos is not warranted or likely to succeed, just say so without the flames. Edited to add: I believe the cause of the delay of 849 was mechanical, not weather related. This had nothing to do with all the crappy weather that hit LHR in the lead up to Christmas. Had the carrier been BA, would the European Union's statutory requirements for compensation have come into play?
  9. Happy New Year. I thought I would ask the seasoned travellers here what I should ask for in terms of Aeroplan miles compensation for a long delay that my wife and young daughter endured yesterday for a delayed flight out of LHR. They were on 849, which was supposed to depart at 1500 hrs. It eventually got off at 2330 hrs and arrived at YYZ at 0200 hrs (8 hours later than scheduled). The reason for the delay was the late arrival of the inbound aircraft (850 from YYC). I think the original problem was mechanical, not weather. I was thinking of asking for 5000 Aero-pesos for each of them. Does that stand a decent chance of being accepted? Or should I ask for more, given the scale of the delay? My wife has flown to LHR three times this year; 2 times on AC, once on BA. The BA flight was fine, but on her other AC trip she was delayed 5 hours out of YYZ on the way to her father's funeral. She missed her train connection as a result, but luckily not the funeral. She didn't seek compensation at that time as she, rather understandably, had a lot of other stuff on her mind.
  10. Update...both of them got away without a problem (flight was 30 mins late pushing back from gate). But I did do OLCI for them right at T-24.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I was planning on doing the online checkin as soon as it opened.
  12. Happy Festivus to all of you - Mrs Hogtowner and the littlest Miss H are scheduled on 858 on Xmas night to LHR. Given the backlog already, and also the risk of more backlogs being created if another 2 inches of snow falls on Heathrow, is there a chance that they could get bumped from this flight (assuming it even gets an arrivals slot at LHR) to accommodate passengers who have been bumped earlier in the week? And now, I must prepare for the airing of grievances. Many of you people have severely disappointed me this year......
  13. By the way, for those who missed it, here is Rob Ford's radio interview with As it Happens on the day after his election victory: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHJGR4i7fhw Like I said, a lazy dumbass.
  14. Why Fly.....LRT is *not* a streetcar. When people say streetcar they think of being stuck behind the 501 on Queen St. The LRTs proposed in the Transit City plan are dedicated right of ways. They won't share the roads the way the traditional street cars do. Second, the main cross town section of the Eglinton LRT will be underground. It will be de facto subway for at least 5km. Third, subways are three times the cost, per KM, of dedicated surface LRT. So we can have a somewhat useless Shepherd extension, or we can have 3 times the length of badly needed LRTs in the places where the buses are packed at rush hour. Fourth, what's with all the Miller bashing? He may have deserved some of the crap flying his way (folding during the garbage strike was a huge mistake), but Transit City is a policy that was crafted after extensive consultation with a whole range of stakeholders and experts. The thing that gets on my tits the most are people like you (and Ford and Sour Grapes) who shoot off their mouths with very little regard for the expertise and effort that went into crafting a policy. Your proposal for a downtown relief subway would be lovely....but how is it going to be paid? As Zorn has repeatedly pointed out, Toronto home owners (of which I am one) don't pay full freight versus suburban folks when it comes to property taxes. Are you willing to pay more property tax so that new subways can be built. Also... show us that is the best use of infrastructure dollars. The planning of Transit City did do that. Politics is inherently about balancing competing interests. When simpletons like Ford go about upsetting the applecart because they are lazy dumbasses who can't be bothered to actually look at the *details* of issues then democracy is ill-served. Pick up a copy of today's G&M; there is an interview with Karen Stintz (new TTC Chair) where she is already hedging on some of Donut Boy's wilder promises.....
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