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  1. Received an email offering double status miles for rapidair and Canada-Eastern US flights from now to end of July. Every little bit helps for this current tangerine member hoping to get Elite status again.
  2. Kinda goofy that I had to scroll down almost a whole page to find the Hockey playoff thread. Whats with you people?? Anyway, My predictions were pretty lousy other than Rollie the Goalie steaking a couple from the Pens. So for Round two; Tampa Bay over Washington (That Rollie guy strikes again) Boston over Philla (I still hate the Flyers) Vancouver over Nashville (Cant let them country bumpkins get too big fer their britches) Detroit v. St. Jose is a pick'em, but I will go with Detroit's experience
  3. If the NDP are as strong as some of the polling suggests, the Cons may also lose seats in Quebec, BC and perhaps even SK and AB.
  4. In honour of hockey moving the French language election debate to tonight, I figure we could make some predictions on what will happen in this years playoffs... My dream Stanley Cup Final is Chicago v. Montreal, so if and until they are knocked out, that is where my picks are going... Tampa over Pittsburgh (because that former Oiler Rollie the goalie will steal a couple of games, not unlike what Halak did to them last year) Phoenix over Detroit (because Phoenix will make Gary Bettman happy, which of course makes the rest of us unhappy) Washington over NYR (Ovechkin finally wakes up) Chicago over Vancouver (See dream Stanley Cup final above) Anaheim over Nashville (Too many Finns in one place gonna give those country music hicks fits) - BTW, I like country music in certain doses Montreal over Boston (these two teams have met in the playoffs 32 times and God's hockey team have taken the series 24 times - I figure the 25th time will also turn out to be the number of cups the Habs will have won, including this year.) Buffalo over Philadelphia (Cause I really dont like the Flyers) San Jose over LA (I really dont know about these two but happy that there is a guarantee that at least one team from California gets knocked out of the playoffs given that they have sent three teams to the playoffs and Canada has only sent two)
  5. Oh, yeah, what a gusher... Yawn 41 % nationally equals having 75 % in Alberta, rural BC, SK and MB which is meaningless when it comes to seats. Besides it is the trend that counts and the trend is not looking good for the Cons
  6. Isn't this just a re-packaging of Air Canada Vacations?
  7. Wow. Its doesnt appear that the bleeding will stop for the Cons anytime soon.
  8. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breaki ... mobile&c=y
  9. Enjoy it while it lasts because these numbers are sure to shrink and disappear before too long.
  10. Bob Rae? Somebody spike your beer or are you looking to start some sort of brouhaha?
  11. Campaigns matter. It appears the Reform are afraid to face Canadians. The Liberals are ready, willing and able.
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