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  1. Some posters here are simply saying that useless changes to important institutions for purely partisan political gains are unseemly.
  2. Hear the Conservative stooge whine his own little pet project meets the chopping block! http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opi ... le2136094/
  3. There is a difference between the fact of the crown within our system of government (which I support) and what is nothing more than a rebranding exercise that solves a nonexistent problem for partisan purposes (further solidifying old white rump of support towards Conservative rule that will last 1000 years.)
  4. http://boardingarea.com/blogs/onemileat ... s-program/
  5. There is a dentist who comes into my dentist's office every Friday to do extractions. I'm sure he makes a profit. Doesn't make me want to be his customer.
  6. To save everyone some time looking at the newspapers, here is a summary of the media reports, including a summary of post-story comments:
  7. What could actually cause American-style gridlock is the stupid, stupid, stupid Senate reform that Harper wants. The stupidest thing the Reformatards ever bitched for.
  8. I'm a strong supporter of CBC Radio 1, which is by far and away the best quality (non-satellite) radio going. I can't speak to the relative quality of anything else in the CBC stable. But if the feds need to cut spending, there's no reason why the CBC should be immune from it. I don't see it as an "attack". The Cons might try to make it look like it to appease the Ezra Levant loser crowd and other walking pieces of excrement, but it really won't be.
  9. Why not? Once in 50 years means an annual probability of 2%. 0.02 multiplied by a large number (the loss incurred) could very well exceed the cost of the equipment required. That's if you ignore the fact that "once in 50 years" usually refers to the rate of an exponential distribution - which puts quite a bit of probability lower then 50 years, so that basic risk analysis should be seen as rather optimistic.
  10. They are idiots for risking their NEXUS membership. The greater idiocy is the state of our customs laws. I expected to see actual bad-guy smuggling going on. White slavery! Human smuggling! Weapons of mass destruction! Most of it was people with some packs of smokes and a few bottles of wine. All the limits in dollar and physical amount should be vastly increased. I know it can be a fine line between personal use and a small time import business, so err on the side of free trade and be done with the vast amount of nonsense that takes place. Don't even get me started on intra-provincial barriers to movement of trade and labour.
  11. I was. No, you weren't. Voter suppression has a fairly specific meaning. You are talking about lack of voter enthusiasm, which will result from some unknown combination of a party's own policies and actions, and statements made about them by opponents at a general level. Voter suppression consists of mostly small-scale, targeted actions that approach (or become) fraud to discourage voting in particularly close races. Classic examples include calling people to tell them the election has been postponed, or telling them the polling station was changed, and things like that. If you look south of the border you will find these are almost the exclusive purview of the Republican party (with a few examples from the other side that people will use to claim a false equivalence along the lines of "they're all the same".) The GOP and the Conservatives up hear have plenty of ties, not the least of which exist at the strategic level.
  12. AIRLINE EVOLUTION By Zorn Offer economy and first class. First class is a barcalounger in the sky. Carve roasts in first class that Canadian documentary filmmakers will rave about on the internet decades later. Offer a premium economy better than economy but not as good as first class. Put beds in first class. Put Lay-Zed-Boys in and rename premium economy as"business class". Starting putting lightly worse beds in business class, and more awesome beds in first class. Phase out first class because nobody will pay for it anymore, but only as long as business class has beds. Offer a premium economy better than economy but not as good as business class. Repeat until there is no more oil left.
  13. She is a UK citizen by birth and parentage. She would have had to naturalize as a Canadian at some point. I'm not sure if she has (nor do I really care).
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