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  1. It won't take the banks long to raise them if they see a free fee for them to scoop up! someone with more info might step in and tell us, ????????// However i think the banks own the Debit cards and set up the system. However all the free giveaways on CC etc has got customers using CC instead of Debit cards. I think i read in the paper that the use of Debit cards is down.
  2.  Are there not transaction fees for debit card use? yes but they are very cheap. not even 1%
  3. Canadian companies must have more access to paying J fares. People on this site keep saying AC is selling domestic J seats, in the US it looks like most airlines have given up selling j seats, in part because people are not buying them. Interesting, i wonder of we are slower in Canada in bringing controls to buying business class?
  4. To encourage CC companies to offer lower fees it makes sense to let people in Canada to charge for cc use. I assume if they could more people would use debit card for purchases.
  5. Article from the post today. Its important we call our MP's and stop AC from getting together with CO and UA to block competition in the US market. http://www.financialpost.com/todays-pap ... story.html
  6. PS Mulroney gave you GST and cut transfers, he made it possible to balance the budget.... Liberals who said they would cancel GST rode a wave
  7. AC released its results, and still losing money....... and a warning costs are up $800 million. expect cuts in SE program
  8. star should toss out TAM for the same reasons none of its systems work very well.
  9. i have only used the seats for 1-2hr flights however they really look sharp. AC cloth seats are a disaster of infectious diseases.. that never get cleaned.... AC should have made their seats leather or Vinyl for germ prevention.. These LZ seats must save a lot of weight and space on a plane i bet everyone will switch to them soon.
  10. I assume these will be similar to the new LH seats. They are also using them on BMI.
  11. More than the new UA/CO does. back in the bar I guess you must be to ever think AC plan compares with UA upgrades. Stop missing your AA meetings.
  12. how many ecerts did you get
  13. the people of Oakville must be giving the Liberals wrong information, look what happened to the fools who are helping McGuilty last week. So funny the Liberals don't even check information before they embarrass themselves by listening to fools from Oakville who cant think. After eight years Dalton McGuinty and the Liberal Party are tired, out of gas and still don’t have a plan. This week, it started to show. Let’s take a look at the Liberal week in review: • The Liberals tried to attack Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak for expensing maid service and cable, but later learned that Dalton McGuinty expenses those services, not Tim Hudak. • Liberal Cabinet Minister Glen Murray came clean on Tax Man Dalton McGuinty’s plan to raise taxes and said, “Money is coming back to you today and we have to raise taxes to do that.” (newsdurhamregion.com, July 13, 2011) • Liberal Cabinet Minister John Gerretsen scolds Tax Man Dalton McGuinty and says, “there should be no eco-fees.” (Kingston Whig-Standard, July 15, 2011) • Liberal Cabinet Minister Dwight Duncan admitted the Liberals are too tired and out of gas to clean up government waste saying, “you can’t fix things on waste.” (Dwight Duncan, National Post, July 13, 2011) • Liberal MPP Kim Craitor broke rank and “went ballistic” on Deb Matthews saying she was “insulting the intelligence of the people of [Niagara].” (Toronto Star, July 11, 2011) • Liberal Cabinet Minister John Wilkinson showed how desperate the Liberals have become when he claimed that Andrea Horwath is the new Mike Harris. (Toronto Star, July 13, 2011) • Liberal Cabinet Minister Bob Chiarelli made a fool of himself and blamed Mayors for gridlock, apparently forgetting that he was Mayor of Ottawa for 8 years. (National Post, July 13, 2011) • The Liberals were forced to send their Seat Saver Program to North Bay in a desperate attempt to try and save the seat held by Monique Smith after sending Northern jobs to Quebec. • Liberal candidate for nomination Stephanie Barry defied Dalton McGuinty and said she’ll fight his decision to close the Sarnia jail. (QMI Agency, July 14, 2011) • The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) blasted the Liberals for issuing a press release that was made to look like an AMO release. (Comments Section, Blog)
  14. AC would have to seriously lower their standards to JV with UA. to match the AC customers expectations.
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