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  1. Telus has treated me pretty well in the five years I've had phone service with them. I was invited to become a Platinum Perks Telus client with them. I accepted the invite and now enjoy some perks, such as free phone upgrades when my contract ends (I refused to renew my contract and now am on a month to month basis). Sanosuke!
  2. The rewards for flying 10 million miles on United are: - Your name emblazoned on a jumbo jet - Titanium United Airlines frequent flier card - Other perks not available to the general super elite flying public on UA see : Sanosuke!
  3. I remember as an Junior high school student writing a letter to the only deaf hockey player in the NHL that played for the Winnipeg Jets (before they headed south) and actually getting excited when I got a reply back from him. Sanosuke!
  4. LOL. Hey, Dorothy, take your treasured Wikipedia and look up a term Dictionary. Actually, better yet, here's a shortcut: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictionary ... ctionaries . You are nothing but a troglodyte with a PC; my bet is you used your first CD-ROM drive as a cup holder. I was laughing when I saw that reference to the CD-ROM drive being used as a cup holder. I remember when a tech would keep asking this stupid customer questions and they'd discover at the end... the CD-ROM drive was being used as a coffee cup holder! LOL.
  5. And here I am proudly flying my canucks flag outside my car! May this bring a cup back home to Vancouver! Sanosuke!
  6. I note that in the land of television media, that the NDP's are to form the official opposition. Sanosuke!
  7. If I were in AB right now, I'd be putting my vote in for the conservatives. Sanosuke!
  8. One of the major TV networks here in Canada just handed Harper his majority government. Lets see if the others fall in line. Sanosuke!
  9. Aha, as we write away in these posts, I am watching the Conseratives cruise to a majority. But then, the night is still young. Sanosuke!
  10. I can see where this will end up.. a) Harper gets crushed under the weight of the ballots or... Harper trounces the election masses by winning and shows who's boss by stepping up to the plate and showing where the promises will go unless someone calls him ''a lair'''. Sanosuke!
  11. I've been to the chiropractor more than several times -- as required for the pain relief I need during some winter months.. Doesn't cost much so I try to stay in good health so I do not have to make so many visits to the chiropractor. I can attest from experience that chiropractors are not quacks.. there are however some out to make a quick buck and exit before they get caught. Sanosuke!
  12. Speaking of 787 orders.. I was at Paine field on Wednesday touring Boeing's facilities. Very impressive assembly lines and very orderly assembly of their product. If its not Boeing, I am not going!
  13. I was thinking of getting one that gets to the point: "Deaf Driver in car: If you don't like my slow driving, PASS ME THAT A WAY (to my left!)" Sanosuke!
  14. My Aeroplan miles do not expire anymore.. figure it out. ;D Sanosuke!
  15. I used to work for the late Corporate Express company in Calgary! Imagine that, a shock to see them ceasing operations.. I never thought that day would come..I think it was when Staples, Inc came in and bought them out. (This is not the airlines op I am talking about, but rather, the office supplier distributor that I worked for) *minor correction: Staples, Inc. bought out Corporate Express so Corporate Express only stopped operations as "Corporate Express" at that time. Sanosuke!
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