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  1. Which airline is offering this service?
  2. Andrea Horwath did us all a favour! She provoked an election that will provide us with 4 years of civilised, moderate, progressive government. She made herself irrelevant and consigned the right-wing b.s. to the dustbin. A good result! I just want the Tory hack tcook052 to post on here and tell us about his brilliant 2011 prediction and why it still didn't happen in 2014. I'm hoping he can take a moment away from JB censorship and come on the free speech board here and tell us what happened to his heroes. It would be nice to hear his explanation without his crib notes from Tory propaganda central!
  3. Where is the OP on this thread today? What happened to Tim Hudak in 2011? What happened yesterday? Is tcook052 too busy with Tory censorship on the JB to tell us about the Tory success yesterday? Many of us would love to read his explanation!
  4. For those of us who no longer occupy the heavenly echelons of FF programs, advance planning and booking is essential. I have found BA's availability to be a bit better than AC. I can get good J class rewards on BA and oneworld with good planning and some travel flexibility. Here are examples of recent excellent use of Avios points: February, 2014, 2 J class one way CPT-JNB-LHR. While on stopover at JNB 2 J class JNB-LVI-JNB. Then 2 Premium Economy one way LHR-YYZ. September, 2014, have booked 2 Premium Economy YYZ-LHR-YYZ, using a Free Companion ticket from RBC-BA co-branded Avion card so pay points for only one ticket. I think LHR is short enough to be a waste of points in J class when BA have an adequate premium economy product. January, 2015, have booked 4 economy tickets one way MDZ-AEP on LAN. February, 2015, have booked 2 J class on LAN 787 EZE-SCL-JFK then 2 J class JFK-YYZ on AA. I think that's quite a haul of quality flying for some-one with zero status on BA. BA's scamcharges are quite expensive but they still come second to AC in the world championship of scamcharges. BA also offer points and $ deals on many of their rewards so I have sometimes paid a bit more, to the same level as comparable flight scamcharges on AC, and secured the reward for less points than I'd pay on AC. To preserve my blood pressure and good humour I now regard FF points as the price one pays for a good long haul upgrade. The scamcharges for a J class long haul ticket will be roughly the cost of buying the lowest priced economy ticket available so the points are the price of the upgrade. I'll be making my 1.5 to 1 transfer from my RBC Visa Infinite to Avios after my June Visa statement is issued with up to date RBC Reward points for transfer. Its a good deal!
  5. Don't get too carried away with self-delusion about your fame. Perhaps that goes with the power territory of being a censor on the JB. You are anonymous to me! To the best of my knowledge I have never met you, I don't know your name or anything personal about you. If I ever get to another 'do' I would be happy to share with you my experience and observations about censorship on the JB. I would be happy to buy you a drink too.
  6. You just need to retire and then you have time for all that planning.
  7. What do you mean 'stranded'? Why not just use them?
  8. What do you mean 'stranded'? Why not just use them?
  9. Post #14 was neither forceful nor bitter, just a matter of fact observation. I see you are now into anonymous name-calling. Quite a conversion.
  10. Describing a single sentence as a diatribe is quite illustrative of the thinking process that went into your censorious overkill on the JB.
  11. Thought I'd bump a very old thread because RBC Avion is again offering 1.5 to 1 transfer of Avion points to Avios or BA: https://www.rbcrewards.com/convert-points.html I'll be taking advantage of it before it expires June 30.
  12. That response is about as intelligent as most of your censorship decisions on the JB.
  13. Where did you ever get the impression I expect you to remember me? I could care less. I have a random unknown (to me) person, hiding behind anonymity taking potshots at me on this thread and it doesn't bother me in the least. I don't have a history of censorious 'moderating' so I'm not as sensitive as you. I don't feel the need to be appointed censor in chief on the JB to be considered a 'somebody.'
  14. What's your problem with anonymity? That's what everyone on a board does, or should, enjoy. Your repeated reference to anonymity seems to be a fog to hide behind so you don't acknowledge your selective, censorious past. As I told you, I took your oppressive censoring up with you by PM when it occurred and you gave me your best Lord Acton illustration in response. You shouldn't complain when your heavy-handedness is remembered. It's good that this exchange is on Canflyer because it would be erased by the so-called mods of the JB.
  15. Wow. You seem somewhat sensitive. Do I detect a hint of lack of respect for the anonymity that boards afford their members when using handles? I didn't regard my comments as name calling but rather a description of behaviour. I engaged you directly via PM on the JB when I encountered your selective, censorious behaviour. No hiding on there, I just departed for a less oppressive board.
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