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  1. Ahead of the curve? .......only if you mean "As in gone round the bend" parnel speaks and this is what most people hear...... blah blah blah blah blah Tories evil... blah blah blah blah... Liberals gods gift to humanity.... blah blah blah blah...... unions evil.......... blah blah blah blah...... parnel knows all sees all...... blah blah blah blah....... insert multiple profanities here....... blah blah blah blah......blah blah blah blah..... It's such a shame because this site had so much promise. I wonder how many others he's turned off from coming here?
  2. It's pretty sobering when one of the hero's comes across the shipping dock. We all try to make the journey as easy and trouble-free as possible. Nick and John do a great job amongst others.
  3. Distance from YYZ to SYD: 9663 miles (roughly 15,500 km) Range of 777-LR according to Boeing's web site: 9380 nautical miles (17,370 km) In other words, ignoring headwinds it is technically feasible to fly this route (especially SYD-YYZ). Commercial viability is a whole other story. http://www.boeing.com/commercial/777fam ... oduct.html http://www.aircanada.com/en/about/fleet/77L.html So now I know it's possible to fly between these two points nonstop does AC have an actual direct flight (no stops)? NO
  4. Several things. We have been reminded of the confidentiality of these emails on several recent occasions when they have been leaked. It is typical of how things are done that they will waste resources tracking down the leak. This should not have been an internal release, it should have been made to the media and it should have been released before New Years. Montie mentions that they are not looking to place blame with this review. WHY THE FCUK NOT??????? People screwed up big time and it's about time they faced the music. How many times does this kind of thing have to happen before someone is taken to task? This isn't some low level frontline screwup, the blame lies higher up, that is why no blame will be placed. The people that should have been making decisions as things went into the crapper were no where near an affected airport. They were home with their families or on some beach or ski slope. The people left in charge were so afraid of doing something wrong that they did nothing at all. It should be clear by now. No one understands Public Relations at Air Canada. The baggage fiasco was not a surprise to the frontline staff. It was predicted before the holidays because management refuses to provide the proper tools prevent it. We KNOW Embraers and RJ's will bulk out at this time of year. We KNOW the baggage tracking system is inadequate. Finally, I don't see anything changing after this review is done. The same people that are responsible will be in the same positions.
  5. You mean they don't just work for AC!!! Thanks for reminding me why I seldom bother coming here anymore.
  6. No he is not. The email was leaked. When we sign on to access our AC email accounts and internal correspondence there is a disclaimer where we agree to keep anything therein confidential. As this is happening on a regular basis (leaking) I imagine they are attempting to find the leak.
  7. Pickpockets have been out in force at YYZ since the GTAA was created.
  8. You Lieberals are too funny or is that too sad? Yet another example of the typical Lieberal arrogant mindset that they and only they can govern this country.
  9. That's one way to spin it. Yes, I was paying attention when you Lieberals were spinning the last election loss. I picked up a few pointers from the pros.
  10. So the funding provision has been dropped. The Conservatives has highlighted in the publics mind that the opposition parties NEED taxpayer money to survive while even though the Conservatives would take the biggest monetary hit they were okay with losing the subsidy.
  11. The frothing at the mouth of the Lieberal supporters is so entertaining. It really must hurt deep down inside to see their party risk losing even more money. After they screwed themselves by stopping corp contributions this could put them in even more dire straights. Looks good on the thieving, lying, cheating pieces of crap that inhabit that party. Any coalition won't last long as the Lieberals do not play nice with others. Jack will get such an ego boost he will be unbearable and the Iggy/Rae/Dion show wil spend most of the time stabbing each other in the back, all while Duceppe figures out how to screw the rest of the country while funneling money into Quebec.
  12. Maybe the plan is to increase staff to lower union non performer types You go with that thought. Anecdote: I was planning the cargo on a widebody to YUL last week. It was about 4 hours to departure and I had 10 pallets and 6 containers to enter. I had a just entered the details for a pallet (weight, contour, pallet number) into our system and was moving on to the next pallet when I received a phone call from one of our managers telling me that I had entered the pallet number incorrectly. ( I had only 4 digits instead of 5) This manager was sitting in his office at the other end of the building and had nothing better to do than check for typo's. (I would have caught the error myself at the 2 hour to departure mark when I did the Cargo Final check.) This is just one example of the micro-managing that goes on. There was an excellent article on micro-managing in last weekends Globe. It described many people I work for.
  13. No doubt, I estimate about 30%. [rant on] I have a saying at work. "Give me the tools to do my job, don't send in tools that tell me how to do it." After that 30% cut, there will still be tools telling me how to do my job. A job they have never performed, never been trained on and do not fully understand. Every day I have to explain why something was done a certain way to someone that should understand. Another saying we have is "The only manage what they can manage". [rant off]
  14. Then they will FINALLY get to the level where everyone puts in a full day's PRODUCTIVE WORK. You will no doubt increase your bitching about level's of service, price, and frequency. When they cut 5000 jobs you can expect a further reduction in flying. And just as an FYI, while union employee levels have actually dropped in YYZ cargo this year there has been a increase in the number of management of approx 30%. That will protect the REAL deadwood from the chopping block when the cuts come.
  15. or walk the plank. AC is probably a place to keep a low profile while they are looking to get rid of 2000 bodies. That kind of bloodbath can spare no one if they get in the way. 2000 will be 5000 within 6 months. Everyone is just waiting for the announcement.
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