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  1. Lesson learned: Don't eat or drink while reading CF. Parnel, you owe me a new keyboard.
  2. For the past few years TSA has had Nexus cards listed as acceptable pieces of ID on their websites, and yet commonly failed to recognize them as such at their checkpoints. I can only imagine how well they will do with this program.
  3. There is a lesson to be learned here, for some at least.
  4. They are not in much better shape. True, but doesn't the same hold for pretty much all Indian airlines at this time? Last I heard Mr. Mallya's IT is not faring that well these days.
  5. The new (NEK) seats on LH are quite comfy. The option of the additional tray table between the armrests of the empty middle seat in business class seems to have disappeared in the process. The two-tone grey on new OS seats appears identical to that on LH (save the red accents), which may be a way for LH Aviation Group to save a bundle across brands. I wonder if we will see identical seats on LX soon.
  6. I think the challenge is in how outdated these rules have become; outdated in the sense of how they fail to address the modern world of consumer electronics. Two examples:1) what does "off" really mean? Surely we all understand that when someone puts away their iPad, even though the screen goes blank, the device does not really shut down. Hence asking someone to stop reading their eBook, but not asking them to rip out it's batteries is somewhat pointless. 2) what is an electronic device? An iPod? A watch? What if it's a tiny iPod warn as a watch?
  7. is that your prediction or just your typical puppet rant? What? That Liberals will loose Ontario? It is my prediction, no rocket science required. What's yours?
  8. It's all about long cycles and airliners are not underwear. Not that long ago AC had a rather ancient and inconsistent fleet of 767s. Remember Elvis?
  9. The Lev, I praise you for your occasional optimism... and challenge anyone to disagree.
  10. I just printed out 4 BPs for tomorrow.... on 8 pages. That's right, each actual BP page was followed by another page, blank but for an AMEX ad banner. Lovely... Is anyone else experiencing this? Or am I the last one to actually print BPs?
  11. The OLA applies to AC because of section 10 of the Air Canada Public Participation Act: http://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/A-10.1/FullText.html Antiquated and redundant legislation that should be scrapped. Oh, and if there is a public outcry because of Canadian bi-lingualism then make every other airline flying in and out of Quebec bi-lingual. Indeed, even the Quebec based Air Transat is not bi-lingual! Negotiator, take a look at the actual court decision (I provided a link earlier). This is not even just about flying into and out of Quebec. It is much worse:
  12. As with our politicians, I think AC should grow a set and fight the whole ACPPA. Outcry or not, AC owes this to its shareholders. I could not agree more.
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