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  1. More critical to me is whether UA will use the new CO C seat or the atrocious new UA C seat. UA packs 2-3-2 on its 767s in C while CO has a more standard 2-2-2. I certainly hope management also dumps the backwards facing C seats too!
  2. While not totally in agreement with the Party's positions on many issues, I recognize that he did bring it further along in achieving for the first time Official Opposition status, and in so doing joins the ranks of JS Woodsworth and TC Douglas in the annals of Canada's kinder, gentler realm of social justice. RIP Jack!
  3. It's regular E+ which is being added over the next year to all CO metal aircraft, not a Premium Economy ala NZ or TK. But AC adding a true Premium Economy would make sense since both NZ and TK have proven there's a market for such a product from NAmerica. It would likely mean fewer J seats, maybe down to 18 if pods are used (1-1-1), 20 if seats like the new ones on LX and NH (1-2-1). Then 6 rows of PE for another 36 seats (2-2-2). But all speculation for the moment.
  4. AC has responded to the Competition Bureau's rejection of its proposed deal with UA/CO. The case will be heard some time next year by the Competition Tribunal. Details at: http://www.ct-tc.gc.ca/CasesAffaires/Ca ... CaseID=348 PDF copies of the responses from AC and UA/CO can be downloaded from this page.
  5. Just a slight correction to my previous post. It is the Competition Bureau and Tribunal that are reviewing the possibility of such fees being added by merchants, not the Finance Department: http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/ ... 03326.html Date, 2012-04-23 Location, Ottawa Case #CT-2010-010 The Commissioner of Competition v. Visa Canada Corporation and MasterCard International Incorporated The hearing will commence at 10 a.m. on Monday, April 23, 2012 in the Hearing Room of the Competition Tribunal located at 600-90 Sparks Street, Ottawa, Ontario. Please see the Scheduling Order of April 7, 2011 for more details. www.ct-tc.gc.ca/CasesAffaires/CasesDeta ... CaseID=333
  6. Qantas will launch two new airlines, neither of which will be based in Australia. This is causing ripples in that country, fearing QF will slowly migrate jobs off shore as well for the two other carriers the corporate entity owns. One will be an LCC co-owned with JAL and Mitsubishi, the other a wholly-owned regional all-frills carrier HQ tba but it will fly A320s, both current and neo models. This will mean a streamlining of its major overseas long haul routes (to respond from the significant erosion brought about by EK and Ethiad) and a rationalization of an Asian route structure based on hub and spoke. To view this email online, please click here. http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... BxEj6zk%3D ____________________________________________________________ There's a new spirit ____________________________________________________________ Dear Mr Canadi>n As one of our most valued customers, I want to share with you our commitment to building a stronger Qantas. A Qantas that will be better for you. Since 1920, Qantas has represented the best of what air travel can be. A pioneer that introduced flying to a young nation, carried generations of Australians to meet the world, and became one of the world's great airlines. Now the times have changed again and Qantas is changing with them. The new Qantas will take on our global competitors with a spirit that will make Australians proud. An airline that builds on our unrivalled safety record and over 90 years of experience. That offers Australians more choices through new gateways to more destinations around the world. A state-of-the-art fleet with the best comfort, service and entertainment in the sky. An airline that will be strong, dependable and profitable now and into the future. Of course, as we build a stronger Qantas, some things will never change. We will always be owned by Australians. We will always be proud that the vast majority of our operations are based in Australia. We will always call Australia home. For further information visit our dedicated microsite at qantas.com/anewspirit. http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D You can also keep up to date on other Qantas business issues at qantasanswers.com. http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D With warm wishes, Alan Joyce CEO Qantas Airways ____________________________________________________________ To view, or make changes to, the full list of email types you're currently subscribed to, log in to Your Profile at qantas.com or unsubscribe from "Airline Updates" only. http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... Q%3D&fbl=6 Do not reply to this email. ___________________________________________________________ Program Terms http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D Privacy Statement http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D FAQs http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D Contacts http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D Qantas http://edm.qantas.net.au/cts/click?q=61 ... yaPg%3D%3D ___________________________________________________________ Qantas Airways Limited ABN 16 009 661 901
  7. This has been debated by the current minister of finance who is to release new cc regs shortly. There has been a battle between cc issuers and merchants over the increasing percentage taken in these transactions, since our generous miles and bonus points have to come from someone's pocket, and it's not going to be the credit card issuer. Those ultra-premium cards (Infinite, Signature, World, etc.) levy and extra percent or more on the merchant deduction, so retailers have protested to the feds that they are being raped by the cc issuers. This same complaint led to the Australian government permitting merchants to levy a service fee or between 1 and 2 percent when payment is made with credit cards. Stayed tuned when Parliament returns next month! Remember, many merchants also pay a commission to the middle man cc processing company. In the airline industry, these firms require a cash bond to be set aside to ensure everyone gets paid. This was the reason AC required a federal loan guarantee to ensure it had the funds required to keep its cc charges processed.
  8. But bottom feeders are paying with after tax dollars, filling surplus capacity on a regular basis and helping airlines relieve their overbooking by using upgrades to move from their booked coach seats into C or F...which would otherwise go out empty. Elites will pay a higher coach fare so as to use their upgrades (T+ vs T on AC, or in UA's case W vs S or L), so the revenue yield on their coach seat can actually be 2x+ that of a non-elite coach customer, and as much as a full fare customer. That being based on the fact that the elite's seat can actually be sold twice knowing the elite customer will be upgraded to an otherwise empty C or F seat!
  9. It's corporate travellers who are the freeloaders. They steal from their shareholders by flying full fare and staying a major hotel chains when they could be at the Comfort Inn. Not to mention taxpayers as these charges can be deducted and thus lower taxes paid by those corporations. Knew a lawyer who said he never joined a FF program. Didn't have to. He just billed all his F and C flights, meals/drinks and 5* hotels to his clients. They just deducted it all from their taxable income. It's great to fly on other peoples' money! In any case, the revenue figures are laughable. Even bottom feeders will have no problem hitting those targets, though down there not a few do earn their status with $200 transcons, 20 of which will earn them 1K, but the spend will just be $4K, half of the supposed threshold. However, others earn their status with $1500 SIN Runs and other international travel. Five SIN Runs would cost $7.5K just a couple of domestic flights shy of the rumoured number for 1K. However, let's wait for the facts...UA reps on both web sites say not much of this is likely.
  10. First has had laPrairie cosmetics and Bally cases for a while. Got one of their cases last winter. Guess the real news in the Business Class one.
  11. Big drain on AC is ongoing pension contributions and the extra make-up contributions it must make. WS has no company pension plan or its results wouldn't be so rosy!
  12. OP has started what probably is the dumbest political thread yet. The dysfunction of American governance comes about because the House is controlled by ideologues from the 18th century sworn to defeat the President and willing to bring down the economy to do it. A thoroughly unrepresentative Senate (in no way close to what the PM proposes) where a state with less than a million residents has as much power as one with 35 million! And where it takes a super majority of 60% to pass any legislation to overcome the Republican commitment to defeat the President. Finally, the President may be a Democrat but he has no control over the Democrats in either the House or the Senate, unlike a PM who sits in the legislature and controls his caucus and their votes. The US system was designed to prevent an elected president from wielding the power of a monarch, the Parliamentary system was designed for control and stability by a strong PM or in many countries a coalition. We've had several minority parliaments which have still managed to function quite well so the whole thesis of the OP based on polarization doesn't apply up here.
  13. Voters turn to conservative parties when fiscal matters worsen? What a crock from the professor. Suppose voters are fiscal ignorants. After all it was the conservative parties in Ottawa and Washington that drove up deficits and added to the debt. Mulroney outspent Trudeau and it was Chretien and Martin who had to clean things up. It was Reagan and Bush I who doubled the US debt and created a budgetary deficit that Clinton had to clean up. And of course we know the Bush II legacy of going from a surplus to a deficit in seven of his eight budgets and driving the debt up over a 100% making it impossible for Obama to do much more than add to it through this recession. (And of course it was VP Cheney who declared "Deficits don't matter!) Up here it was the Conservatives who, abandoning their fiscal orthodoxy, returned Ottawa to deficits.
  14. As far as I'm concerned the feds (Conservative or Liberal, there are no Tories any more) can shut down CBC and SRC television services. There is little difference today between what's on the CBC and what's on the private broadcasters' outlets. I'd take the $1 billion annually given to the CBC, put a quarter of it into English Radio and half of that ($125m) into French Radio, using the other $125m into the remaining federal cultural agencies. That reduces Ottawa's expenditures in the area by half a billion! However, now without government competition in the TV realm, I'd levy a 10% surtax on private TV gross revenue and channel half of that towards CBC/SRC Radio, the other half to the Canadian Media Fund.
  15. Look forward to seeing the place in October. IST was pretty bad for lounges, I've sampled most of them and other than being exotic they're the pits...olive that is!
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