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  1. 2005 sure was a long time ago, wasn't it! Glad some are still finding it useful.
  2. I don't think they ever codeshared with AC. FWIW, although US is leaving Star on March 30th, they will continue to have separate agreements with many Star carriers for codeshare and mileage earning: Aegean, Air China, Air New Zealand, Avianca, Ethiopian, Eva, Shenzhen, Singapore, South African, TAM, TAP and Turkish.
  3. Sounds like the opinion of someone who hasn't flown US since 2007. There's been a huge turnaround since then. Wifi on pretty much all of their narrowbody fleet (including many RJs), consistently among the best hub and spoke carriers operationally in the US, trans-Atlantic J on par with AC, much better value from Dividend Miles than Aeroplan... Heck, even the mess that used to be PHL has been sorted out. Sure, domestic F is a drag (although priced accordingly), but it's still better than any intra-Europe product from the European Star carriers. Hard to believe you think US is worse than Turkish, Egyptair, heck, even UA these days.
  4. I have been thinking about this. One thing we could consider is posting articles of interest to Canadian Frequent Travellers on the front page of Canflyer. Things like new routes, updates to FFP policies, etc. I know I visit a lot of blogs on a daily basis that have routinely updated information - perhaps we could get a larger following in that way that would then spill over onto the forums. Is there interest in a few members in addition to myself to keep an industry news section up to date? My thought is that everything posted would be factual - opinions can stay on the forums - and in summary form with a link to original source. Something along the lines of http://www.howardforum.com/ In the meantime, due to an additional contribution, we have now reached our funding goal! Thank you to all who contributed. I look forward to bringing everything back soon!
  5. Update: Thank you so much to those that have contributed. Overall, we came about $25 short of the funding goal. If there is anyone that was interested in contributing that has not had the opportunity to do so yet, I would appreciate an email transfer rather than Paypal as I have now withdrawn the balance of the contributions to my bank account in order to proceed with backup retrieval and there are fees associated with doing so. I have now provided payment information to the IT Company in California where the servers were hosted to proceed with the data retrieval. He did indicate there may be a delay due to all the requests they have received. Once I receive the data, it should only take me a few days to put everything back together.
  6. We are nearly there. I am moving forward with requesting that the data be retrieved.
  7. Folks, we received three contributions totalling about $110. This has roughly covered the cost of relicensing the forum software, and rescuing the canflyer.com domain from our failed host to the new one. Unfortunately, this has not funded the roughly $150 required to recover our data. As a result, I will begin attempting to restore the site from a 2011 backup. Thank you to those who contributed.
  8. parnel, if you are trying to argue against moderation, you're not doing a very good job...
  9. Folks, just a quick reminder for later tonight that Elections Canada prohibits the discussion of election results online until the finals polls close across the country (10pm EDT, 7pm PDT).
  10. UA raised their levels more than a year ago.. US followed about a year ago. They are still not quite in line... US is still higher on some catagories (ie business to Europe is normally 100K vs 90K with AE) and less on others (business/first to Hawaii is 70K vs 80K with Aeroplan, business off-peak to Europe in the winter is 60K). Of course, US miles still have much greater value as they don't charge fuel surcharges and allow for a lot more flexible routings.
  11. US1549 is the subject of this week's episode of Mayday on Discovery. A well-rounded analysis with commentary from Skiles, a passenger and the air traffic controller responsible for the flight. If you missed it tonight, Discovery will have it again at 4:00pm Eastern Thursday.
  12. admin

    DASH 8 Redux

    You don't have to visit Africa for a long Dash 8 flight. US does a PHX-MRY turn on a Dash 8, scheduled at 2hr47
  13. I don't think Corporate Express the airline had anything to do with Corporate Express the office supply company. As an aside, Staples still operates Corporate Express separately from their retail division.
  14. I've had it happen years ago at YYZ so it's definately not a new program.
  15. This thread is unnecessary. If any member feels the need to post a "rant" they can create their own topic....
  16. Just finished up at the 2010 Frequent Traveler awards in Houston with Shareholder, AC777, Sensfan and others. AC picked up the following three awards: Best Promotion for Earning (Airline) Best Redemption Ability (Airline) Program of the Year (Airline) Quote of the night: "I'm as surprised as you are!" -AC rep upon accepting Best Redemption Ability award.
  17. admin

    Itinerary Ping

    The first part is the Star Mega Do. BUF/BOS is primarily a status run. Once I complete that and Spain in December I've got US Platinum for another year. Besides, I need to find a way back to YVR from SEA anyway
  18. admin

    Itinerary Ping

    Sunday October 31 US 493 YVR-PHX 14:29-17:31 US 18 PHX-JFK 21:35-05:18+ Monday November 1 LH 405 JFK-FRA 22:45-11:25+ Wednesday November 3 LH 440 FRA-IAH 10:15-15:10 Friday November 5 CO 1905 IAH-PHX 07:00-08:30 CO 1905 PHX-PAE 12:00-14:30 Saturday November 6 US 87 SEA-PHL 11:15-19:30 US 3136 PHL-BUF 20:35-21:51 Monday November 8 US 1937 BUF-PHL 07:00-08:21 US 1716 PHL-BOS 09:15-10:30 US 77 BOS-PHX 16:20-20:13 US 504 PHX-YVR 20:59-23:21
  19. You can still connect through either YYZ or YVR: AC111 08:00 10:25 320 0 Vancouver (YVR) AC007 11:40 17:20 + 1 day 77W 0 AC401 07:00 08:15 321 0 Toronto (YYZ) AC015 10:00 14:30 + 1 day 77L 0
  20. This is a good case study as to how a breakdown in communication can undermine all the positive actions that were taken by AC to rectify the situation. I will be using it as a training tool with my staff in the attempt to proactively ensure that our guests are never put in a similar situation.
  21. The software that runs CF is called phpBB and it is free. It will run on pretty much any cheapy web hosting package, provided that it includes database access.
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