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      July 2016 Update   07/28/2016

      A few months ago, the previous three year term on the site's hosting ended. Although there's been little activity over the past few years, I didn't want to see all our historical content disappear. The site was funded by members in the early years, so it didn't seem right to let the site slide into oblivion. I've updated the backend software, and hosting has been acquired for the next three years. As a result of changes with the forum software, you may find you have initial trouble logging in. If you can't sign in, try using your e-mail address instead of your screen name. Regards, Cedric Nagy
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  2. +1 on the thanks. There are some golden nuggets in these forums
  3. Saw your July 16th update - thanks for keeping the site going - if only for historical reasons, but who knows, we may all get shooed back here one day.
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