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      A few months ago, the previous three year term on the site's hosting ended. Although there's been little activity over the past few years, I didn't want to see all our historical content disappear. The site was funded by members in the early years, so it didn't seem right to let the site slide into oblivion. I've updated the backend software, and hosting has been acquired for the next three years. As a result of changes with the forum software, you may find you have initial trouble logging in. If you can't sign in, try using your e-mail address instead of your screen name. Regards, Cedric Nagy
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  2. This is a very good point. Least they could do is to give access, even for limited time to lounges. Plaza Premium looks solid. Anyone have experience with them? At least the travel perks on Westjet Mastercard World Elite credit card ave improved over the years. Looks like there are serious advantages, regardless of business or not. 250 WestJet welcome bonus Earn WestJet dollars on purchases Annual round trip companion voucher for anywhere they fly, plus your first checked bag is free on all WestJet flights
  3. WestJet Airlines Ltd. is mulling over installing a section of “premium economy” seats as part of its strategy to make itself more attractive to business travellers and increase firepower against Air Canada. Calgary-based WestJet, which has stuck with a single-class cabin since launching in 1996, is exploring ways to improve revenue from corporate customers, as well as passengers transferring from foreign carriers “There has been a trend in the industry with other low-cost carriers that have created a premium-coach product in the economy cabin,” WestJet chief executive officer Gregg Saretsky said Thursday, after WestJet reported that higher airfares helped lift its second-quarter profit to $25.6-million from $6.8-million. Premium economy seats offer more legroom than economy. “We’re looking at whether or not that might make sense for WestJet, but today, we’re not prepared to make any announcements in that regard,” Mr. Saretsky said. WestJet has already rejected the idea of introducing a middle seat that folds down and the armrests form a table. The carrier has also dismissed going head-to-head against Air Canada’s business-class cabin, a section that got hit hard in the recession. “All the math that we’ve done that looks at the revenue per square foot that we can generate on board the aircraft suggests that a business-class cabin doesn’t help us,” Mr. Saretsky said during a conference call with industry analysts. He was responding to question from Cormark Securities Inc. analyst David Newman, who wondered whether WestJet might “change the make-up of the cabin at some point to appeal to the business traveller.” Over the past 18 months, the carrier has unveiled a frequent-flier plan and loyalty credit card program to help lure corporate passengers
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